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Time For Sherdog to Pay Attention

So even after Cage Fury Fighting Championship couldn't make the Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott match happen, Elite XC, Palace Fighting Championship, and Canada's Hardcore Fighting Championship all decided they'd like to give it a crack.

On the one hand, you could say the fact that many second or third tier promotions are looking for this fight is evidence of its "more spectacle than sport" character. What's more, you could also say the fact that the fight is being shopped so heavily is also evidence the fight is "more spectacle than sport". After all, are there any other fights that can be so easily transplanted and still be relevant? Not hardly. You need something else to make it that marketable.

On the other hand, the fact that the fight is so highly coveted by fight fans all over North America and by rival promotions grasping at the opportunity to showcase this fight is indicative of a fight that's got something special. There's no denying there isn't at least a little spectacle factor built in to the appeal of this fight, but is that so wrong? Buentello vs. Tank wasn't much more than a sparring session for Paul and we let that ride.

Kimbo is training to become the best MMA heavyweight he can be. He needs fights to help him build that foundation required for progress. Tank Abbott presents a perfect opportunity at this juncture to test Kimbo and the fight also happens to be a promoter's dream. I fail to see the problem in endorsing Slice or this fight. I hope Sherdog sees it the same.

Update [2007-10-10 11:11:14 by Luke Thomas]:: It looks like ESPN is on board with Kimbo. Maybe they can talk some sense into Sherdog.

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