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Greatest Episode of Whoopass Radio EVER! In-depth with BRANDON VERA

This is easily the most stacked episode of Whoopass Radio ever.

For starters, here's why this show is special: instead of taking calls, we went to the callers. We recorded the show at Lloyd Irvin's martial arts academy in Camp Springs, MD. Brandon Vera is Irvin's premier student and is in Maryland to conduct his training camp in anticipation of his fight with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia.

So what was discussed? Everything and then some:

We talk to Brandon about the training camp, his fight with Tim Sylvia, and more.

Lloyd Irvin makes the case for gi training in mixed martial arts.

Rob Kaman says Vera is a K-1 level striker, but believes Sylvia is not.

Ryan Hall explains why BJ's back control and attacks are second to none in MMA.

Kerry Vera, winner of Oxygen's FIGHT GIRLS, answers questions about her friend Gina Carano's difficulties making weight.

All of this and much more is featured in this episode. Without a doubt, this is the BEST and most IN-DEPTH look at the Vera training camp anywhere.

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WhoopAss Radio is the official show of the legendary UnderGround.

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