UFC on Fuel 10 results recap: Main card

A brief look at five of the six main card fights from UFC on Fuel 10, which featured finishes in every fight.

The main card of UFC on Fuel 10 seemed to drag on forever, but it wasn't due to a lack of action. All six of the main card fights were finished, and none of them saw a third round. The action was delayed due to Globo airing a couple of fights at a certain time, so there were a lot of commercials and undercard fights being aired to bridge the gap. Nonetheless, the fights were good. This recap will cover five of the six fights, while the main event will get its own recap.

Leonardo Santos defeated William Macario by submission (arm triangle choke), 4:43 of round 2

After a first round where he couldn't get anything going, Santos finally got on top of Patolino late in the second round and made him pay. Santos quickly mounted a tired Macario and submitted him with an arm triangle choke. The win earned Santos the Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2 title and a six-figure contract with the UFC.

Thiago Silva defeated Rafael Cavalcante by knockout, 4:29 of round 1

Both men got off to a good start, but it seemed like Feijao was the one throwing the harder strikes. He even landed a cool spinning elbow and some of his trademark knees. But suddenly, he just gassed out and Silva took advantage. He started to find a home for his punches, then landed a devastating uppercut that sent Feijao to the mat. It was the first official win for Silva in close to four years.

Erick Silva defeated Jason High by submission (armbar), 1:11 of round 1

The bout was short and sweet. Silva quickly slithered onto High's back and looked to be too high (no pun intended), but instead he lacked onto and arm and expertly got the tap in just 71 seconds. It was the first submission loss of High's career.

Daniel Sarafian defeated Eddie Mendez by submission (arm triangle choke), 2:20 of round 1

This one didn't last too long either. After some jockeying for position, Sarafian hit a trip takedown. He then methodically passed guard, got to mount, and locked up an arm triangle. One squeeze later and Mendez was forced to tap. It was Sarafian's first official win in the UFC.

Rony Jason defeated Mike Wilkinson by technical submission (triangle choke), 1:24 of round 1

Jason started off the bout with a quick sub win. He got taken down pretty much right away, but Wilkinson ended up getting stuck in a triangle that he didn't defend very well. After a couple of adjustments, it was nighty night and Jason had improved to 3-0 in the UFC.

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