UFC Interview

Rockhold on PEDs in MMA: It's bad. It's bad.


In part 2 of Luke Rockhold's interview with BloodyElbow.com, the former Strikeforce champion spoke about Vitor Belfort, and the the troubling state of PED's in MMA.

'Jacare': 'I should already have had a title shot'


The 34-year-old Brazilian feels that he made enough in the past to already have had a title shot and thinks that the UFC official ranking shows the same.

Rousey Interview: Gina is the one insisting on 135


In this interview with BloodyElbow.com, Ronda Rousey spoke about a bunch of topics such as several BJJ Champions calling her out, Gina Carano, WWE Summerslam, and which X-Men character she would be.

Rockhold: Cung Le is going to kick Bisping's ass

In the first part of BloodyElbow.com's interview with Luke Rockhold, the former Strikeforce champion says he's been interested in facing Michael Bisping, but he may not need to after Cung Le 'kicks...

Bisping on Eye Injury: 'I came back too soon'


Michael Bisping talks about various topics such as Cung Le, returning 'too soon' from eye injury, competing internationally, and his 3-step plan for that elusive shot at UFC gold.

GSP: No return unless there's independent testing


Georges St. Pierre gives Bloody Elbow his thoughts on performance enhancing drugs, fighter unions and the main condition for any potential return.

Barao is happy with his camp 'this time was ideal'


The former champion said that his preparation for the rematch couldn't be better, unlike his camp for their first bout.

Cung Le: We'll see who's throwing who around


UFC middleweight, Cung Le talks about Bisping's propensity for showmanship, a future fight with Anderson Silva and weight maintenance and cutting.


TTHS: Cerrone on Alvarez & fighting dinosaurs

In this Tommy Toe Hold episode exclusive for SBNation, Not Donald Cerrone gives the rundown on Eddie Alvarez, his title hopes, and whether we're living in a simulation.

Killa B on return: 'The only purpose I've had'


Ben Saunders opened up about his return to the UFC after spending four years away.


Conor McGregor talks wanting to punch P. Diddy

A clip of Conor McGregor on The Late Late show has surfaced, talking about, among other things, meeting P. Diddy at a UCLA game, and being less than impressed by the hip hop star.

Kennedy: PEDs in MMA in the 'Mark McGwire era'


Tim Kennedy is backing up Mark Bocek's claims that PED's are a major factor in the current MMA landscape, even if he's not so sure that 90% of fighters are using.

Sidney Crosby reaching out to T.J. Grant


TJ Grant appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani recently, where he revealed that one of the NHL's biggest stars recently reached out to him over his long recovery from concussion symptoms.

UFC contract at heart of Hunt's 'unemployed' tweet


He may have written it off as the pangs of hunger after the fact, but it was actually stalled contract negotiations that had Mark Hunt considering retirement earlier this month.


Hackleman on PED use: 'What goes on in their head'

Head coach at The Pit, John Hackleman took to his personal webcast to talk about recent drug test failures for Robert Drysdale and Kevin Casey. He also, recently, talked about his changing training...

'Old school', Glover minimizes Jones's fouls


The UFC Light Heavyweight contender feels that Bones is the champion for a reason and it isn't because of his supposed dirty game.


Tommy Toehold: Nick and Anderson ask the Q's

In this Tommy Toehold episode exclusive for SBNation, Not Anderson Silva and Not Nick Diaz turn the tables on Tommy Toehold.

Jones' injuries the result of wrestling 'The Reem'


Jon Jones' knee and ankle injuries are apparently the result of attempting to stuff a takedown from Alistair Overeem.


Rousey talks to Tommy Toehold (for real)

The one and only Tommy Toehold interviews UFC champ Ronda Rousey about her new movie role and much more.

Bocek: ' UFC is kind of against drug testing'


Since his retirement, Mark Bocek has been sharing his thoughts on performance enhancing drugs in MMA and he's not painting a very pretty picture.


How Rashad's 'fake' meme set up Jones vs DC

From the genesis of RASHAD EVANS' genius creation of the "fake" narrative to its total failure as a defining issue, plus a panel of experts talks the competing Jones & DC skill sets that will clash...

Bocek 'You deserve to lose if you're not on PEDs'


Recently retired UFC lightweight, Mark Bocek details the circumstances of his decision to step away from the sport.

Eddie Gordon: They should let Vitor use TRT


TUF 19 middleweight winner Eddie Gordon discusses his future, his teammate Chris Weidman's upcoming title defence against Vitor Belfort, and a possible super fight between Weidman and Jon Jones.


Cormier on brawl: 'It's not a proud moment for me'

Daniel Cormier appeared on Inside MMA to talk about his upcoming, and recent, fights against Jon Jones.


Josh Samman on recovery, tragedy and Jones/Cormier

Josh Samman lends an update on his injuries, recovery and upcoming fight schedule as well as his opinion on the electricity between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier.

Jones on being 'fake': 'I have a job to do'


Daniel Cormier called out Jon Jones for flipping the switch on their recent ESPN apology following their presser brawl. But as far as Jones is concerned, he's just doing his job.

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