UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira

UFC 172 medical suspensions galore


A gaggle of UFC 172 fighters need clearance from a doctor before they can return to training.

Dan Henderson talks Jones vs. Teixeira


Dan Henderson gives his opinion on how Jon Jones fought against Glover Teixiera at UFC 172, and how he would approach Jones if he got a shot at him.

Rockhold posts x-ray of broken toe


UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold posted an x-ray of his broken toe, and revealed that he will be as "good as new" in a few weeks.

Hackleman to Jones: 'Don’t be a douchebag'


Following Jones' posting of a somewhat distraught looking Chuck Liddell photo on Instagram, John Hackleman has a few words of advice for the champ.

Miller: I don't want to be a punch drunk fighter


In the final installment of Fight Week with Jim Miller, we talk to the UFC lightweight and his family about his win over Yancy Medeiros, his toughest pre-fight moment, looking toward the future,...

Miller cuts weight to Loverboy and Neil Diamond


Bloody Elbow caught up with Jim Miller during UFC 172 fight week. In this installment of the multipart series we talked weight cutting, fight prep, music, what led him to MMA, what goes on in the...

Jones trolls Phil Davis & Chuck Liddell


The UFC Light Heavyweight champion has taken to social media to further enjoy his victory over Glover Teixeira and Phil Davis' loss to Anthony "Rumble" Johnson.

'Dan had to take me by the scruff between rounds'


Before UFC 172, Jim Miller and his coaches tell Trent Reinsmith what it's like to corner their man, quicksand vs. lightining, brother Dan taking Jim by the scruff during a fight and a cameo from...

UFC fighter rankings: Rumble cracks the top 5


Anthony Johnson's win over Phil Davis at UFC 172 instantly placed him among the light heavyweight division's top contenders in the latest UFC official rankings.

Aldo RTed message calling Jones a dirty fighter


The UFC featherweight title holder seems to disapprove of his fellow champion's actions during the UFC 172 main event against Brazilian Glover Teixeira.

Hindsight: 20/20 on UFC 172


You have chosen, wisely. But, beware: these picks cannot pass beyond the walls of Bloody Elbow, for that is the boundary, and the price of immortality.

Hackleman: GT's shoulder 'disfigured' by crank


The coach of UFC 172 LHW title challenger Glover Teixeira says that his fighter was badly hurt by a Jon Jones shoulder crank in the first round and will be getting an MRI on Wednesday.

Dana wants Jones vs Gus 2 next, in Europe


Following Jon Jones' UFC 172's Light Heavyweight title defense, UFC president Dana White spoke to the press about his plan for Jones' next fight: Alexander Gustafsson in Europe, possibly in a stadium.

UFC 172 Mini-Judo Chop: Jones' Shoulder Lock


Jon Jones busted out a very old school grappling technique on Glover Teixeira in the first round of their Championship fight and T.P. Grant takes a look at it.

UFC 172 Judo Chop: Jon Jones's Muay Thai eye poke


At UFC 172, UFC champion Jon Jones repeatedly poked Glover Teixeira in the eye. Is this just a dirty technique, or is there something more to it? Fraser Coffeen looks at these eye pokes, tracing...

Judo Chop: Jon Jones' In-fighting


Jon Jones retained his UFC light heavyweight title Saturday in a five-round decision over Glover Teixeira, using vicious in-fighting tactics. BE's striking specialist Connor Ruebusch breaks it down.


No joy in Mudville next stop Bones Jones' Waterloo

Eugene warns against the irrational exuberance that marks JON JONES recent V for Victory moment over GLOVER and pisses all on the parade by noting with no lack of alacrity that the MAULER is coming...

Miller: 'I took years off my life' cutting weight


Bloody Elbow spent some time during UFC 172 fight week with top ten UFC lightweight Jim Miller. In this multi-part series we'll take a behind the scenes look at what a UFC fighter goes through...

UFC 172 results recap: Jones vs. Teixeira


Take a look back at how the Light Heavyweight champ earned his seventh consecutive title defense in the headlining fight of UFC 172.

UFC 172 results recap: Davis vs. Johnson


Bloody Elbow recaps the two big fights from UFC 172 last night in Baltimore. Here, we look at Anthony Johnson vs. Phil Davis.

AJ on going to HW: ‘I’m a little guy'


Following his upset victory over Phil Davis at UFC 172, Anthony Johnson confirmed that he would not be attempting a move to heavyweight in the UFC.

Tito Ortiz: Now, I'm being erased from UFC history


Following Jon Jones successful title defense at UFC 172, the UFC showed him as setting the record for most wins in the Light Heavyweight division history. Former champ and UFC Hall of Famer Tito...

UFC 172: Fights to make for the main carders


Tim B. puts on his matchmaking hat to take a look at who the UFC 172 main card fighters should meet in their next bout.


UFC 172 post-fight show w/ Ariel, Luke & Chuck

The sages of MMA Fighting convene after the show to look back on one of the best UFC's of the year.

Miller looking to fight the best at lightweight


After his first round submission win at UFC 172, No. 9 ranked UFC lightweight Jim Miller is looking for a step up in competition, and he's naming names


UFC 172: Bathrobe Review

Sadder but wiser and with the perspective of a short night's sleep, Kid Nate looks back at UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira with reviews and ratings for every fight on the card.

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