UFC 167: St. Pierre vs. Hendricks

Hardy: GSP should have given belt to Hendricks


Former UFC welterweight title challenger believes that both Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks could have handled things differently during and after their bout at UFC 167.


UFC 168: Dana White video blog, part 1

UFC president Dana White has posted his latest video blog, which takes a look back at UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks.

Dana: UFC did not keep GSP from atttending presser


In the wake of GSP relinquishing his Welterweight title a story about his being dissuaded from entering the UFC 167 post-fight presser has come up, UFC president Dana White refuted that narrative...

Is GSP retiring? We'll find out on Friday


Is Georges St-Pierre retiring? We'll find out on Friday as the UFC champ will announce his plans for the future on a press conference from Quebec, Canada.

BJJ Scout break down the wrestling battle between Georges St Pierre and Johny Hendricks


The BJJ Scout looks at the MMA wrestling of St. Pierre and Hendricks in their UFC Welterweight title fight. Go to http://www.bjjscout.com for more BJJ breakdowns Go to http://bjjscout.spreadshirt.com to buy BJJ Scout Fan Wear Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bjjscout Twitter: https://twitter.com/bjjscout Donate to BJJ Scout: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...

Firas Zahabi: GSP doesn't owe anybody anything


Firas Zahabi, head trainer at Tristar Gym thinks it's 50-50 whether Georges St-Pierre returns to fighting or retires

UFC rankings: MacDonald back ahead of Lawler


In one of the weirder rankings issues of late, Rory MacDonald is now back ahead of the guy that just beat him, Robbie Lawler.

Dana: I never apologized to GSP


The UFC president says he never apologized for his UFC 167 post-fight remarks about UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

UFC 167 Tech Recap: Lawler, Hendricks, St-Pierre


UFC 167 will likely go down as one of the most controversial and exciting UFC events in history, and BE's striking specialist Connor Ruebusch is here to tell you why. Enjoy this breakdown of the...

Rory: I needed to lose at UFC 167


Reflecting on his recent loss, Rory told The MMA Hour that the loss was a necessity for him to recapture the motivation that propelled him to the top of the 170 lb. division.

Kennedy: Zahabi made GSP dull, not Greg Jackson


The UFC Middleweight and Greg Jackson student says his coach isn't the reason Georges St-Pierre has gotten boring. He says it's Firas Zahabi and he's doing it to Rory MacDonald too.

GSP's mentor believes St-Pierre will abandon belt


Kristof Midoux plans on talking to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre after he returns from post-UFC 167 vacation

Hendricks to GSP: Too much stress? Give up title


Johny Hendricks reacts to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre's statement that he needs some time away from the Octagon

Coach: White apologized to GSP, now thinks he won


The past week has been filled with speculation about the future of GSP along with criticism of White for his tirade against the champ at the post-fight presser. According to Georges' coach, White...

UFC 167 live gate 2nd best ever


With 13,621 sold tickets and a gross of $5,759,350, UFC 167 is the second-biggest live gate in UFC history.


UFC 167 phantom cam highlights

The UFC has released a highlight video of UFC 167 featuring all footage shot on Fox's amazing phantom cam which shoots the action in super slo mo.

Hendricks blames hand wraps for punching at 70%


The UFC Welterweight contender says that a bad hand-wrapping job caused him to pull back on his punches against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167.

UFC 167 Breakdown with Dallas Winston


Dallas Winston joins Connor and Corey of the Heavy Hands podcast for an in-depth look at the techniques and strategies utilized in the many great fights of UFC 167.

SB Nation rankings: Welterweight


A look at how the SB Nation rankings panel sees the welterweight division in the wake of UFC 167.

UFC 167 prelims do strong ratings on FS1


The UFC 167 preliminary fights drew better ratings than any previous set of preliminary card fights on Fox Sports 1.


What does GSP really owe the UFC & the fans?

Nate & Eugene look back at UFC 167 and consider all the angles: did GSP really win? was Dana White too mean to GSP? what does GSP owe the UFC? who takes the rematch between Johny Hendricks and GSP?

Dana: GSP made 'big mistake' in post-167 comments


Following his rant at the UFC 167b post-fight presser, White explains his views on the potential hiatus of the Welterweight champion.

Story wants top-ten opponent next


UFC welterweight Rick Story believes that his UFC 167 win over Brian Ebersole should earn him a top-ten opponent next.


Pettis talks Diaz altercation, knee injury, Sergio

UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis talks about his brother Sergio's debut at UFC 167, his injury situation, and an altercation with Nick Diaz and his friends in Vegas.

GSP won't fight again w/out Roach in his corner


The superstar boxing trainer claims that the UFC champ texted him saying he won't fight again without Roach in his corner.

Georges St-Pierre: 'Forget all the rumors'


UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre took to twitter to let people know he's on vacation and to 'forget all the rumors'.

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