UFC 165 results recap: Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

The 3rd of 4 preliminary card fights on the Fox Sports 1 broadcast of UFC 165 saw bantamweights Ivan Menjivar and Wilson Reis collide.

There was no shortage of bantamweight action in Toronto, except the fight between Ivan Menjivar and Wilson Reis.

Menjivar came in with the decided advantage in the striking department, and the bevy of leg kicks and knees in the clinch suggested exactly that throughout the opening round. Reis, a high level BJJ black belt, didn't attempt a takedown until about 40 seconds left in the round, where he was able to tie up Reis until the horn sounded.

Reis started the 2nd as the aggressor, and in just 80 seconds he completed the takedown against the cage. He later stood up and kicked away at Menjivar's legs, but Menjivar successfully got back to his feet. Reis dumped Menjivar on his back again and spent a couple of minutes controlling him but not producing much in the way of offense.

Reis did get a takedown into full mount and threatened with an arm-triangle midway through the last round, but Menjivar defended well. That's about all Menjivar was able to do as he spent the remainder of the fight on his back and on the defensive.

Official Result: Wilson Reis def. Ivan Menjivar by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

What was the high point of the fight?

...If you like takedowns right into mount then the one Reis had in the 3rd round was it. That's all that was notable from this one.

Where do these two go from here?

Menjivar (25-11) looked terrible and just assured himself that he won't be in the top 10 of the UFC bantamweight rankings come Monday. He's lost 2 in a row but has been a serviceable veteran, so I don't think he's under threat of a release, but he's definitely not going to be competing against the big boys of the division any time soon, if ever again.

Reis (17-4) didn't impress, but he did extend his winning streak to 5 dating back to his post-Bellator release. Perhaps we'll see him against someone like Bryan Caraway next, preferably on a Brazilian cad.

Watch now, never, or later?

Never. There's not much more to it. One of the two bad fights on the prelims.

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