UFC 165 results recap: Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omielanczuk

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Two UFC newcomers by way of Europe fought in the opening bout of UFC 165, as Austria's Nandor Guelmino faced Poland's Daniel Omielanczuk.

UFC 165 kicked off with two debuting heavyweights in Nandor Guelmino and Daniel Omielanczuk. The two traded kicks early on, with Omielanczuk more willing to throw high. After the early 75 or 80 seconds worth of striking, Omielanczuk instigated more of a clinch game, with both men throwing knees to the body. Referee Dan Miragliotta twice separated them in the clinch for what he felt was a lack of attempted offense. Omielanczuk scored a takedown late in the 1st round but Guelmino popped right back up.

Omielanczuk started strong in the 2nd round, hurting Guelmino with a big left hook, and after securing a takedown it looked like Guelmino was in big trouble. Nandor reversed position and took over round 2, defending a kimura attempt from the bottom, outgrappling the Polish fighter, and then landing effective ground-and-pound to win the round. The final round saw two exhausted fighters more content to strike, and Omielanczuk uncorked a hard left hook that sent Guelmino to the mat and out of the fight. Official result: Daniel Omielanczuk def. Nandor Guelmino at 3:18 of round 3 via KO (punches).

What was the high point of the fight?

The knockout obviously. This wasn't a good fight and I doubt anyone expected that coming in.

Where do they go from here?

Omielanczuk (16-3-1, 1 NC) won, but he didn't set the world on fire with his performance. His cardio and defensive grappling leave much to be desired. Nevertheless he still won, and will probably be matched up with another lower level heavyweight like Shane Del Rosario.

Guelmino (11-5-1) is now 0-2 fighting under the Zuffa banner, and while the Josh Barnett loss is understandable, this was essentially an even fight heading into the 3rd and he got viciously knocked out by someone with 1 previous KO win. Even as thin as heavyweight is right now, I don't think the UFC will keep him around.

Watch now, later, or never?

Later. Only because of the knockout, which was pretty neat. Otherwise this isn't worth your time.

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