UFC 158: St. Pierre vs. Diaz

My favorite fight of 2013


There's still one more card left in 2013, but Tim B. has already made his decision in regards to what his favorite MMA bout of the year was.

GSP decimal controversy blow-by-blow


A timeline of the events leading up to the present decimal controversy between GSP, Nick Diaz, Zuffa, and the Quebec athletic commission.

Update: Reporter denies misquoting GSP


Just a couple days ago, the UFC 158 decimal controversy seemed to hit a peak when St. Pierre apparently admitted that he had weighed in over the Welterweight limit at UFC 158. However, it looks...

Zuffa copyright claim on Diaz weigh-in vid pulled


The UFC's DMCA copyright claim over the footage of a prefight conversation between Nick Diaz and UFC exec. Mike Mersch has been reversed.

Zahabi: GSP/Silva possible next, retirement after?


UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre's trainer isn't sure who he will face next, but says that a bout with Anderson Silva would probably be followed by retirement.

Owner of '.9' video files counterclaim vs UFC


The person who shot a video showing a UFC executive telling Nick Diaz that the Quebecois authorities wouldn't be measuring decimal places during the UFC weigh-in has filed a counter-claim with...

Diaz lawyer shares texts w/ UFC & Quebec officials


Nick Diaz's lawyer, Jonathan Tweedale, provides Bloody Elbow with text transcripts of conversations with UFC and Quebec officials in the wake of the "decimal controversy" surrounding the UFC 158...

Did UFC file false DMCA claim on 'decimal' video?


The UFC filed a DMCA claim to have video of one of their executives telling the Nick Diaz camp of some last minute rule changes removed from YouTube. BloodyElbow examines if the DMCA claim was a...

UFC 158 may have topped one million PPV buys


The buyrate for UFC 158: St. Pierre vs. Diaz might have actually topped one million buys, according to an industry insider.

Diaz camp filing complaint after suspect weigh-ins


In the wake of a video revealing "off the record" dealings regard the UFC 158 weigh-in procedures, a representative of Diaz's camp says that they'll be filing a complaint with the Quebec Boxing...

GSP's trainer says near-future retirement possible


Firas Zahabi suggests that Georges St. Pierre's time as a pro fighter could be limited due to the intensity required of him to be the best.

Quebec responds to UFC 158 weigh-in controversy


An "off the record" conversation with a UFC official telling the Nick Diaz camp that there were unusual rules in play for the UFC 158 weigh-in for his fight with Georges St. Pierre has drawn a...

Hayabusa pulls GSP Rising Sun gi from market


Hayabusa has released a statement announcing that they will not be marketing the gi that UFC Welterweight champion GSP wore into the Octagon at UFC 158 due to the offensive Rising Sun imagery...

Korean Zombie not impressed by GSP's rising sun gi


UFC Featherweight Chan Sung Jung aka "The Korean Zombie" has posted a message to his Facebook page decrying the "rising sun" gi that Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre wore to walk to the...


Nate/Dallas Tete-A-Tete: UFC 158 review, Bellator

Kid Nate and Dallas Winston of BloodyElbow.com discuss the UFC 158 aftermath, including GSP vs. Diaz, Condit vs. Hendricks, Jake Ellenberger and Jordan Mein, and preview the upcoming Bellator 93...


Stockto-lypse Now - Nick Diaz as Col. Kurtz

Eugene S. Robinson, host of Knuckle Up, goes deep into the heart of darkness that is Stockton and uncovers what is really the 209's specialty stock in trade: manufacturing the fog of total war.

Zahabi says GSP beat Diaz while sick and injured


Just a few days after UFC 158, Firas Zahabi revealed that GSP scored his decision victory over Diaz while both nursing an injury and fighting a fever.


Will Cesar Gracie ever train a UFC champ? MMA Tete

Kid Nate and Eugene S. Robinson author of Fight! look back at UFC 158's Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz title fight and ask why and look ahead to Gilbert Melendez vs Benson Henderson and ask if...

UFC 158 expected to top 800,000 PPV buys


Early indicators suggest that this past weekend's UFC 158 PPV will reach 800,000 buys, one of the highest Georges St. Pierre has ever had as a headliner.

Hendricks' hand NOT broken, GSP bout in August?


UFC Welterweight contender Johny Hendricks tells Ariel Helwani that he is confident he did not break his hand against Carlos Condit at UFC 158 and that he will be ready to challenge Georges St....

UFC 158 medical suspensions: Marquardt out 60 days


Following another successful title defense from GSP in Montreal, the Quebec Boxing Commission released the medical suspensions from UFC 158. Marquardt got the longest suspension at 2 months for his...

Zahabi vs Gracie: Pro team vs martial artists camp


Post-fight interviews with the coaches of UFC Welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz reveal the difference between a professional MMA camp and a fighting team. GSP's coach Firas Zahabi...

Cesar Gracie thinks Nick Diaz has overpaid taxes


Following Nick Diaz's claims that he has never paid taxes in his life, Cesar Gracie says that, if anything, Nick has overpaid in the past.

UFC fighter rankings: 170-pound division shook up


Nick Diaz has plummeted in the official UFC rankings after his loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158.

Nick Diaz tweets photo of police detention


Fresh from fighting for the UFC Welterweight title in front of 20,000 fans, Nick Diaz tweeted a photo that appeared to show him being detained by a police cruiser.

Dana says UFC 158 trending with Silva vs. Sonnen


UFC president Dana White suggests that UFC 158, headlined by Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz, is trending with their biggest recent PPV, the rematch between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva.

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