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Cageside link: Wrasslin' Story Time! Why wrestlers are grumpy, Part 1 (Because it hurts)


SBNation writer Steven Godfrey shares an anecdote about shooting promotional photos for a video game with former WWE and TNA wrestler Tyson Tomko which reveals why wrestlers can get so cranky. Reason No. 1: because everyone calls it fake when the pain is damn real.

Any Cagesiders going to the Elimination Chamber?


I purchased my ticket tonight. Anyone else headed to the Target Center in Minneapolis on Sunday?

WWE has stopped following CM Punk on Twitter


WWE has stopped following CM Punk on Twitter. Must be a messy break up!

Those Who Can't Wrestle Teach Wrestling

I Am the Genius. I Am the Best.

It’s 11:00 a.m., so my students aren’t tired. It’s cold outside, colder than Georgia has any right being, so everybody in the classroom is bundled up in hats, sweaters, scarves, and thick winter coats, except me. I am the professor of this course, and I am wearing a hot pink C.M. Punk t-shirt...

Above are the opening lines from a professor at the University of Georgia who is teaching a freshman composition class about professional wrestling.

WWE names the top 10 mic moments of 2013


This is a great piece of work here from the editors at WWE.com. Each moment comes with a video and a quote from who was involved in creating said moment. It's not entirely rooted in kayfabe either; in fact, it's almost the exact opposite. Well worth the time to go take a look.

Report: WrestleMania 32 location set for Dallas, Texas


While reporting the fact that WrestleMania 31 will take place in Santa Clara, California, at Levi's Stadium, NBC Bay Area also reported WrestleMania 32 will take place in Dallas, Texas, in 2016.

WWE.com special Slammy Awards categories now open for voting


Click the above link to go vote on a whole gang of categories right now at WWE.com. Among them: "Crowd of the Year", "Faction of the Year", "What a Maneuver" award, "Feat of Strength of the Year", and so many more. Just go vote and come back and tell us who you voted for.

It's the Fabulous 3birds in action!


Although it was taped this past Tuesday for Friday Night SmackDown in Atlanta, Georgia, 3MB working as the Fabulous 3birds against the Prime Time Players never made the airwaves last night (Nov. 22, 2013) on SyFy. Instead, WWE released it as an exclusive on the company website. Go check it out at the link. Heath Slater does a great Michael Hayes.

WWE Names Matthew Singerman Executive Vice President, Programming, i.e., WWE Network head


Hot on the heels of WWE announcing that their Classics On Demand service will be shut down in February 2014, the company announced the hiring of Matthew Singerman as Executive Vice President, Programming. According to WWE's press release, Singerman will be responsible for the strategic development of content, including original, unscripted and scripted shows, scheduling of all programming and operations across all distribution platforms, including a potential WWE Network. He's held important executive positions at Fox News Channel, TV Guide Network and Reelz in the past, and more recently held consultant roles for both well-established and start-up channels, like the NFL Network, Nuvo, Pivot and Back9 Network. Seems like a decent hire, given that in the past the word was that Vince McMahon was having great difficulty finding someone willing to pick up the poisoned chalice of running his WWE Network.

The Rock to star in "Not Without Hope"


The movie roles keep coming for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. According to Variety, he's signed on to play Nick Schuyler in Relativity’s adaptation of the best-selling memoir "Not Without Hope" about a group of shipwrecked football players. This will be a more serious, dramatic role for The Rock than his usual big budget action movie / kids comedy flick fare. A month ago, he was announced for the earthquake disaster movie San Andreas, which is scheduled to start filming next April. He's also set to host the reality show Wake Up Call for TNT in 2014. With the work piling up, it thus looks increasingly unlikely that The Rock will have a role at WWE's WrestleMania XXX.

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