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Bros B4 Elbows - Episode 20.0 CM Punk-O-Rama

It's a podcast pipe bomb as the crew talks the best in the world, Battleground and more. Grab an ice cream bar and give 'er a listen!

Will CM Punk return on next week's Raw in Chicago?

Will CM Punk return in just four days time to WWE action? Won't he? The pendulum swings back and forth. We give the latest evidence both for and against and let you be the judge, Cagesiders.

WWE Monday Night Raw rewritten throughout the day

In reaction to the upsurge in outspoken support for Daniel Bryan and the boos for Batista at last night's Royal Rumble, the script for tonight's Monday Night Raw has been rewritten several times...

WWE's RAW/SmackDown TV Deal Could Be Epic


On the YES! Network's Forbes SportsMoney TV show, Host Bob Lorenz and sports money experts Chris Bevilcqua and Michael Ozanian discuss the possible TV network deal WWE can acquire in the cable TV market place. WWE's current deal pays them $140 million per year, the experts prognosticate that WWE could earn upwards of six times that amount in a new deal. The experts cite WWE's Annual GRP or Gross Ratings Points and their *gulp* Social Media presence. WWE"s GRP is only bested by the NFL and in comparison to say Nascar's new TV deal with NBCUniversal, WWE could be looking at an epically large TV deal that could also include a TV Network or large enough monetarily to preclude WWE from starting one.

John Cena cleared by WWE doctors to compete

According to Bryan Alvarez of f4wonline.com, John Cena has indeed been cleared by WWE's doctors to return at Hell in a Cell, despite having been expected to be on the disabled list for another 2-3...

AJ Lee Soars While the Bella Twins Race to Bottom

In four minutes of airtime on this past Monday's Raw, the very best and the very worst of WWE's Divas division was on display.

CM Punk - sending WWE viewers the NHL's way?

A ridiculous theory, but one that holds water in the crazy cult like environment of the WWE creative team headed by Vince McMahon, which is obsessed with the power of social media and needs to...

WWE to hard sell Triple H's concussion angle

The Triple H concussion angle started on the May 20th episode of Raw is scheduled to be a long term storyline where his wife, father-in-law and perhaps even his kids plead for him to retire due to...

WWE 'Extreme Rules' Preview: John Cena vs. Ryback


Will Ryback be able to kick the ass of a one legged man in a contest where the whole aim is to be the last man standing on your feet to finally fulfil his several month long quest to procure the...

WWE Raw Video Playlist for May 6: Stipulation time

In case you missed any or all of last night's (May 6, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw from Roanoke, VA, here is a complete playlist of the entire show, featuring WWE Champion John Cena, Ryback,...

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