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Report that Hogan signs with WWE goes unnoticed

A report exists that Hulk Hogan has signed with WWE and no one seems to have noticed. So what does that tell us?

Kurt Angle reveals his pro wrestling exit strategy

Kurt Angle has an exit strategy from pro wrestling and it involves another couple years in TNA before a farewell tour. And once he's gone, he's never coming back.

Strong ratings prove UFC is viable on Fox TV


Declining ratings for the UFC's live fight specials on Fox TV had some analysts worrying the fight promotion's early success on Fox was just a fad. The strong ratings bounce back shown by the 5.7...

TNA reportedly cutting two PPV events in 2013

Almost half a year ago, Dixie Carter said she wanted TNA to cut down its number of pay-per-view (PPV) events each year from 12 to as few as six. It appears at least two are getting the axe for 2013.

Debut of Rumor Round-Up: Punk, Cena, Rock and more

In pro wrestling, the rumors flow more freely than legitimate news. This comes with the territory and makes reporting on the industry exceedingly difficult. With that in mind, let's help round up...

Jones vs. Belfort does over 450K PPV buys


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort sold an estimated 450-460,000 PPV buys. The event featured Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort in a Light Heavyweight title fight.

UPDATED: Multiple reports that Jerry Lawler suffered heart attack or stroke on WWE Raw

Multiple reports from various news outlets are now reporting that Jerry Lawler suffered either a heart attack or a stroke on WWE Monday Night Raw on Sept. 10, 2012, in Montreal.

AW apologizes for rape joke on Raw, WWE 'has taken appropriate action'


Abraham Washington, working as AW, made a rape joke on Raw last night that has garnered him a ton of heat backstage at WWE. He has apologized for the remarks and WWE has reportedly taken action.

TNA reportedly restructuring contracts; Velvet Sky, Bully Ray and others possibly leaving


TNA is apparently going through a bit of strife right now, as a few contracts are coming up and a plan to restructure them is not going over well with the wrestlers.

Randy Orton cautions fans not to believe everything they read on his WWE suspension


Randy Orton wants fans to take caution when reading about his suspension because there's apparently a lot of misinformation out there.

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