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VLOG: Dealing with the death of a teammate


With the news that the Michigan Panthers gay flag football team lost one of its players to a fatal heart attack during the second annual Pride Bowl in Chicago over the weekend, I was left wondering...

VLOG: Out college football captain


Our Jock Talk Vlog is back! In this week's entry: Brian Sims was an openly gay college football captain in 2000. We talk about his story, the reaction to it, and why his story stayed quiet for...

VLOG: Gays and deer hunting


Cyd Zeigler spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Maine, where deer hunting was on the tongues of all the locals. After a conversation with a hunting gay friend in Manhattan a week before, Cyd was left...

VLOG: Superstitions in sports


Jim Buzinski, a longtime Colts fan, has more superstitions about his team than the New England Patriots have Super Bowl titles. Jim's Peyton Manning doll, facing the floor and the wall of Jim's...

Vlog: Firing coaches, Prop 8, hot QB


This week Cyd talks about the fool's game of college football fans wanting to fire good coaches. Also, sports figures had a role on both sides of California's Proposition 8. And Texas Tech's hot QB...

VLOG: Series, Manny, Mike Penner


Cyd is hoping that the Phillies can take the Series and bring Philadelphia its first pro title in 25 years. Should the Dodgers pay big for Manny? A hot pitcher in the series. And Christine Daniels...

VLOG: Gay Bowl, football upsets, the Chases


Cyd reminisces about his team's victory in the Gay Bowl in Salt Lake City. Also, upsets in the NFL and college football and QBs on the cover of ESPN the Magazine.

VLOG: Favre, NFL, Steinbrenner, Ryder Cup


This week Cyd talks about the rise of the crappy teams in the NFL, and he takes some pot-shots at Brett Favre. He also waxes poetic about the Americans in the Ryder Cup. He rips Yankee co-chairman...

VLOG: Cooley, gaydar at NFL games


Today we launch our new Jock Talk Vlog, a video blog that we're bringing to you with Afterelton.com. Each week, either Jim or I will talk about some of the week's happenings in gay sports....


UFC 155: Dana White video blog, part 2

Part two of Dana White's UFC 155 video blog takes a look back at the UFC on Fox 5 event earlier this month in Seattle.

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