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Unpacking GSP's Post Fight Speech at UFC 167


Georges St-Pierre had some interesting choice words for Joe Rogan in his post-fight speech at UFC 167. Just what exactly did GSP mean in saying he wanted to "go away for a little bit"?

Jon Jones' lesson learned in promotion for UFC 165


Jon Jones endured a grueling five round war with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in Toronto, Canada. Now the question is whether or not his performance will mean anything for his critics.

UFC Fight Night: Alistair Overeem and Schadenfreud


UFC on Fox Sports 1 was a smashing success. A blistering night of action was followed up by a blistering collection of negativity as well, it seems.

UFC on FOX 8: About Rory MacDonald's Performance


Rory MacDonald didn't gain a lot of fans with his UFC on FOX 8 performance against Jake Ellenberger. Are the critics right?

TRT and the Broader Questions


The discourse over testosterone, and steroids in MMA has chosen Vitor Belfort as its pariah, but the debate should be about more than pointing the finger at 'The Phenom'.

2013 April Postscript: A Month in Review


April 2013 turned out to be one of the busiest months in recent, or distant history. Inside, a brief examination of the chaotic month that was.

UFC 159: Chael Sonnen's Curtain Call


Chael Sonnen's failure at UFC 159 might entail more than just his last act at Light Heavyweight, but perhaps his last act as a mixed martial artist.

With Bisping & Belfort out, is it time for Rashad?


Michael Bisping had been promised a title shot if he beat Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 7 in Sao Paulo last night. He didn't. Vitor Belfort won the fight but UFC VP Marshall Zelaznik says he needs...

UFC on FX 7: 5 fights to watch first


UFC on FX 7 should tell MMA fans a lot about the state of the MW division and beyond. History may prove prophetic for some fighters, and here are the 5 fights that explain how.

JDS and Cain: Career Highlights


With Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez squaring off for the UFC Heavyweight title at UFC 155 on Saturday we look back at the career high points of both fighters.

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