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UFC 141: Brock Lesnar Career Retrospective Part 1


To get ready for UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem, we look at the complete career of Brock Lesnar. Part 1 takes us from his debut through winning the UFC Heavyweight title.

UFC 140: The Complete Jon Jones Career Part 1


Heading into Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida at UFC 140, we break down the complete career of Jones, starting with part 1 - the early fights of Jones, including fight videos.

Is Brock Lesnar's Heart the Big Question Mark Going Into UFC 121?


Will Cain Velasquez be able to make Brock Lesnar doubt himself at UFC 121?

ESPN: UFC 87 Scores Huge Buyrate


According to the "crunching the numbers" segment on MMA Live this week, UFC 87 did 625,000 buys.  They do not cite a source for any of their numbers, which makes me skeptical, but if the number is...

Snapshot of the Day: Manvel Gamburyan Prostrate


via nbcsportsmedia1.msnbc.com Quite the upset, but in retrospect, you know someone was eventually going to take advantage of Gamburyan's stand-up. I just didn't think it'd be Emerson. View the...

Quote of the Day: Matt Hughes


"The last fight of the night was Georges [St. Pierre] and [Jon] Fitch. Georges didn’t look as big as he has before and he seemed like he had gotten tired from the first round. Fitch had the game...

Sound and Fury Alert: UFC 87 Not Much Different Than a Street Fight Edition


Tom Powers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press attended his first UFC event live and while he admits the fighters are tough, that MMA is a sport and "skill [is] involved", he seems to believe it's the...

Humble Pie Alert: Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring Edition


Despite my best efforts, I nor anyone else in the prognostication game can always get it right. As long as I'm correct more than the average MMA fan, I'll have earned my keep. So I must confess...

UFC 87 Breaks Target Center Record


UFC 87 had the biggest live gate in Target Center history according to Steve Cofield: The attendance at the Target Center was 15,082. The gate of $2.2 million set a new arena record surpassing...

UFC 87 Results, Updates and LIVE Fight Coverage


Check back here tonight at BloodyElbow.com beginning at 10PM EST / 7PM PDT for live play-by-play and results of UFC 87's main card. Be sure to make your voice heard and offer your thoughts on...

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