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UFC 148: NSAC's Kizer Anticipates No Issues Licensing Chael Sonnen


Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer anticipates being able to license Chael Sonnen to face Anderson Silva at UFC 148.

Anderson Silva flopped on pay-per-view at UFC 134. Only one man can make him a draw in the States...


Anderson Silva flopped on pay-per-view at UFC 134. Only one man can make him a draw in the States -- Chael Sonnen, but Sonnen could also break Silva and take his title. Kid Nate makes the case for the fight at MMA Nation.

Silva Makes Splash in 'Like Water': A Review


If there’s one topic in MMA that never fails to fuel the speculation of media and fans, it’s this: What’s going on in Anderson Silva’s head? The language barrier doesn’t help with North Americans, and the translations are loose (and usually boring). There are the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde antics in the cage. There are interconnected associations with such things as Steven Seagal and paintball and Big Macs. Yet above all else, there’s the long-tenured, record-breaking champion with a captivating -- if unintentional -- sense of mystery. A new film entitled "Like Water" will premiere April 21 in Manhattan at the Tribeca Film Festival, and it pulls the curtain back to reveal (in cussword-included subtitles) Anderson Silva in a context you wouldn’t expect. How? Filmmaker Pablo Croce centers on travail. Rather than dog-earring the illustrious side of Silva’s MMA career, Croce captures scrutiny and derision in painstaking detail within a three-month window that begins post-Demian Maia at UFC 112 and ends with Chael Sonnen at UFC 117. There are glimpses into other aspects (his family life, training, idling, interacting with fans), but the gravity of the film is based on a walls-closing-in sense of situation. Silva spends a lot of time negating the negative. It’s not that we see Dana White peeved and telling Jim Rome he’ll cut the champion if he made a mockery of the Octagon again; it’s what you get out of Silva watching it, absorbing his own bizarre behavior. It’s that you see him lament to Lyoto Machida-san that "everybody wants a brawl." We see self-reflective Silva, dealing in issues of esteem. It’s not long before things shift to the montages of Chael Sonnen, who became (what he thought was) the mouthpiece of public sentiment in bashing Silva at every turn. Through the entire lead-up to the epic battle at UFC 117, Silva takes things in while maintaining an opiate calm. Yet there are glimpses into moods, caught when Silva hangs Soares out to dry with one-word answers during an interview. Or when he tells his friend/teammate, "You’re screwed until I forget you’re screwed" out of frustration with his fight. You see him in ordinary situations (like at the airport) doing extraordinary things (like putting his belt through security). What you don’t see is Silva cracking under surmounting pressure, but the pressure is real and ends up being the star of the film. And that becomes the documentary’s merit; it not only depicts the mettle of Silva on multiple levels, but it peers into the fight game in general through the back door. As much as we are shown Silva in intimate situations, you also see Sonnen intimately. We see the wirework beneath the surface and, as cliché as it seems, a human side to the fighters all too commonly regarded as products. In other words, you empathize with Silva, which has long been something foreign to us.

Chael Sonnen Has Told Too Many Lies for the NSAC


UFC star Chael Sonnen was unable to convince the Nevada Authorities to let him coach The Ultimate Fighter.

Anderson Silva Film to Premiere in April


A film about the Ultimate Fighting Championship's middleweight champion will have its debut next month. This year's ESPN/Tribeca Sports Film Festival will include the worldwide premiere of Like Water, a documentary about Anderson Silva, according to a list released Monday. The festival runs from April 20 through May 1 in New York. Filmmakers followed Silva last year as he prepared for his Aug. 7 fight with Chael Sonnen at UFC 117. During that training, Silva injured his ribs, an incident addressed by the documentary, according to UFC President Dana White. The Sonnen fight proved to be the most difficult bout of Silva's UFC career. The challenger controlled the action on the ground for most of five rounds before succumbing to Silva's triangle choke with less than two minutes remaining. Specific movie times haven't been released yet.

So Why Did the UFC Suspend Chael Sonnen Again?


A round up of opinions on the Chael Sonnen saga.

Cage Side Seats talks to Keith Kizer of the NSAC who says Chael Sonnen was never approved for...

Cage Side Seats talks to Keith Kizer of the NSAC who says Chael Sonnen was never approved for testosterone replacement therapy -- blowing a hole in Sonnen's anticipated defense at his appeal for the UFC 117 failed drug test that he'd been cleared for HRT at his three fights previous to UFC 117. -- photo by Esther Lin UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen coverage

Collateral Damage: The Fallout From UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen's PED Test Failure

Reposted in full from WatchKalibRun Right off the top, I can tell you that if you're looking for a condemnation of Chael Sonnen for cheating and using PEDs, you're not in the right place. This...

The Latest on Chael Sonnen, Dana White, Steroids and the UFC


A round up of commentary on the reported Chael Sonnen drug test failure.

Chael Sonnen Was Even More Like a Pro Wrestler Than We Thought


Chael Sonnen has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. What comes next? Jonathan Snowden shows that when the cheating fighter is a UFC star, not very much.

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