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UFC 125 Fight Card: Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard Primer

Everything you need to know about Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard at UFC 125.

MMA History Points to Tough Odds for B.J. Penn and Joseph Benavidez in Rematches Against Frankie Edgar and Dominick Cruz


The vast majority of elite level MMA fighters who lose the initial fight in a series will go on to lose the rematch.

Will Dana White Really Cut Anderson Silva If He Plays Around Against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117?


UFC boss Dana White has painted himself into a corner by threatening to cut his middleweight champion Anderson Silva if Silva doesn't deliver entertaining performances.

The Brighter Side of UFC 112


The three major upsides of UFC 112 revolve around some of the lower card battles involving Rafael Dos Anjos, Phil Davis, and Mark Munoz. All of their battles resulted in impressive finishes of...

The Cliché Media Reaction to Dana White's Rant Overlooks Casual Fan Feelings


One of the lesser talked about topics created from the UFC 112 main event dance-off between Demian Maia and Anderson Silva has been the media's perception of Dana White's reaction to Silva's...

UFC Lightweight Champ Frankie Edgar Gets Hometown Hero's Welcome


New UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar received a hero's welcome in Tom's River, New Jersey.

BJ Penn's Trainer Says Penn Had a Sinus Infection, Wants a Rematch With Frankie Edgar


BJ Penn's trainer says Penn was battling a sinus infection in his title bout against Frankie Edgar.

Matchmaking Once Again in Spotlight Following UFC Lightweight Division Shake-up


For many fans, the idea that the upper echelon of the UFC's lightweight division would be in dismay following Saturday's UFC 112 main event title showdown was unfathomable. After all, B.J. Penn was...

Judge Douglas Crosby Explains Why He Thought Frankie Edgar Beat BJ Penn 50-45


Judge Douglas Crosby decides to talk about the reasoning behind his 50-45 score in the controversial lightweight title bout between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar.

Monday Morning Wrap Up: UFC 112 Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia and B.J. Penn vs Frankie Edgar


A concise round up of the best coverage from UFC 112

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