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MLS, NBCSN, ESPN All Failing on Playoff Coverage

The 2013 MLS Playoffs have been largely successful on the field. But the coverage, or lack thereof, is inexcusable and needs to be fixed if MLS wants to continue to grow with national television audiences.

NFL beats baseball playoffs in ratings

The truly awful Monday Night Football game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans still managed to attract more TV viewers than did Game 3 of the ALCS between the Texas Rangers and...

TUF episode two ratings are in

The second episode of the UFC's Ultimate Fighter saw the viewership drop from 1.51 to 1.27 million viewers, still a strong number but one that needs to remain consistent throughout the season.

US hockey ratings good, best-ever in Canada

Despite there being about 80 million more Americans than in 1980, the number of people who watched Canada beat the United States in overtime for the Olympic gold medal on Sunday was 20% below the...

WWE gloats over TUF ratings on Raw broadcast

WWE Smackdown smashed The Ultimate Fighter in the ratings on Friday night and the WWE made sure to let its viewers know on Monday.

UFC: Chris Weidman's Break Out Performance Was Wasted On Fuel TV

The UFC wasted a very big opportunity to introduce its #1 contender Chris Weidman to its PPV audience by booking him to fight Mark Munoz on Fuel TV.

Report: UFC 147 Seen By 20 Million Brazilians

The early ratings are in for UFC 147 on Brazilian television and they are very impressive.

Soccer On TV In America

Only 2 Million people watched the UEFA Champions League Final. Why are ratings for club soccer in America lower than other sports?

UFC's Dana White Looking To Expand Drug Testing, Talks TV Ratings

UFC president Dana White has plans to expand the UFC's drug testing program. He also responds to the critics who are harping on the UFC's declining ratings on Fox.

Why the NHL Needs the Sunbelt

Good stuff here from Slate blogger Matt Yglesias: The issue is the bifurcated cable television markets in North America. Right now, hockey has a national broadcast deal in Canada and it has another one in the United States. Losing the national deal in the USA would be very costly to the entire enterprise. But to maintain that national deal, the NHL has to present itself as offering a true nationwide sports league which means you need teams in the sunbelt. Atlanta's departure didn't leave too much of a hole in the map since there are teams in North Carolina and Tennessee. Probably any one of the remaining non-Dallas sunbelt teams is expendable, but if you lost more than one to colder climes you might start imperiling the League's claim to be a real major sports across the length and breadth of the United States. Offered in response to The Economist. Update: In case you missed it, more of my thoughts on the future of national television broadcasts for the NHL from March 30.

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