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Drysdale and Casey fail post fight drug tests


Kevin Casey has failed his post fight drug test, for the steroid drostanolone, following his UFC 175 win over Bubba Bush. Joining him is Robert Drysdale, with his second failed test, for eleveated...


Weidman most fighters are on something

UFC Middleweight champ Chris Weidman responds to Vitor Belfort's allegation that "all fighters are on something" by saying "I I have no facts on that, but I wouldn't be surprised, I'll say that."

Belfort's Feb 7 Drug Test Results Sealed to Public


In the build up to his planned title fight with Chris Weidman, Vitor Belfort has been undergoing random drug tests. His most recent was on February 7th, the results of which have recently been made...

NJSAC responds to Nevada's TRT Ban


Nick Lembo, director of the New Jersey State Athletic commission has released his response to Nevada's decision to institute a blanket ban of TUEs for TRT.

Machida on TRT: 'I would do it'


Lyoto Machida spoke to reports about the upcoming title fight between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort and gave his take on Belfort's TRT use.

Responding to Dana's 10 fighter testing challenge


Yesterday at a dramatic media luncheon, the UFC president challenged reporters to name 10 fighters they think should be immediately drug tested. Brent responds.

Belfort: Weidman winning FOY award: 'shameful'


The UFC Middleweight champ took home the Charles "Mask" Lewis Fighter of the Year award and the man who wants his title doesn't think that's cool.

Weidman: Belfort's T is 2-3x higher than mine


The UFC champ hopes the Nevada Commission will be keeping a very close eye on challenger Vitor Belfort's testosterone levels and steroid use when and if they meet to battle for UFC gold.

Belfort: I'll fight for the belt in Brazil


The controversial UFC Middleweight expects to face the winner of UFC 168's Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva title fight rematch in a Brazilian stadium sometime in 2014.

Kizer has a road map for Belfort to fight in NV


The Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission has a vision for how Vitor Belfort could get licensed to fight again in Nevada and maybe he can even use testosterone replacement...

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