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Vince Russo outs himself as a TNA consultant

Today, Vince Russo unwittingly outed himself as a creative consultant for TNA by accidentally CC'ing a dirt sheet writer into a private email between him and TNA announcers Mike Tenay and Taz...


TNA Wrestling & Bellator MMA partnership in limbo

TNA Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter has all the answers when it comes to TNA, but none when it comes to working with Bellator MMA.

Latest rumours about Jeff Jarrett's new promotion

There's tons of gossip going round about the new wrestling promotion that Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith are currently trying to set up including a potential TV deal with CMT, Kurt Angle being hired...

TNA news & spoilers from their next 6 taped PPVs

We have all the spoilers from TNA's Knockout Knockdown, 10 Reunion, Tag Team Tournament, World Cup of Wrestling, Hardcore Justice 2 & Heavyweight Title Tournament months before they air on PPV....

Spoilers for TNA Joker's Wild and X-travaganza


On Saturday, TNA held tapings for their first two delayed pay-per-views, a Joker's Wild Tag Team Tournament and X-travaganza, which will air in April and May, respectively. Find out the results for...

Hulk Hogan reveals his Christmas wish list


For Christmas, Hulk Hogan wants to get his youth back, own a private Boeing 747 jet, fix his right knee so he can win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship next year and a full head of hair. Yeah,...

King Mo: 'Pro wrestling is 3x as hard as MMA'


Bellator fighter and TNA pro wrestler Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal talks about the differences between mixed martial arts and professional wrestler. He says, "Pro wrestling training is three times...

King Mo To Make TNA Debut In October, Bellator Debut in January

Details are in regarding King Mo's upcoming TNA debut and when we can expect to see him in Bellator.


Video: Dallas Page on DDPYoga's success, Arthur's transformation, and Chris Jericho believing in him

Photo via thesportscourier.com Diamond Dallas Page rejoins TheSportsCourier.com for another fun interview, as he discusses how YRG Fitness became DDPYoga, why he finally decided to embrace the...


Video: TNA Knockouts Champ Gail Kim on Women's Wrestling Impact, Roode-Storm

Check out this interview with Gail Kim on TNA, WWE, and more.

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