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Grappler Interviews: Rafael Lovato Jr.

Interview with Rafael Lovato Jr. about grappling accomplishments, tournaments, life, future and predictions for Diaz/Penn.

ADCC 2011 Results: Is Marcelo Garcia the Greatest of All Time?

With Marcelo Garcia's 4th ADCC Gold Medal this past Sunday following another IBJJF Mundials World Championship this year, is Garcia the best BJJ grappler of all time?

ADCC 2011 Live Results and Blog

ADCC 2011 Live Blog and results on Bloody Elbow.

How to Watch ADCC World Submission Fighting Championship 2011

Find out how to watch the world's most prestigious nogi submission grappling tournament the ADCCs this weekend, Online and in High Definition.

ADCC 2011 Submission Grappling Championship Preview

Ben Thapa previews this weekend's ADCC 2011 Submission Grappling tournament taking place in Nottingham, England, the biggest event in nogi submission grappling competition.

What Are the ADCCs and Why Should You Care?

Outside of the big UFC showdown between Jon Jones and Rampage Jackson, the ADCC Submission Grappling championship takes place in Nottingham, England this weekend. The Bloody Elbow Grappling Coverage explains why this is an event you should care about.

Judo Chop: Josh Barnett and Unorthodox Submissions

Ahead of tonight's fight between Josh Barnett and Sergei Kharitonov in Strikeforce, KJ Gould looks at the more unusual submission moves at Barnett's disposal.

Royler Gracie: How to Lose Fans and Alienate People

Grappling Editor KJ Gould breaks down the time line of the Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie ADCC rematch from inception to collapse and makes the case one particular party shoulders most of the blame. Read more at Bloody Elbow.

Ryan Hall vs Kurt Pellegrino Grapplers Quest Superfight Preview

Grapplers Quest is hosting the 2011 US National Championships this Saturday in New Jersey featuring a Black Belt Grappling 'Superfight' between 50/Fifty BJJ Pioneer and submission phenom Ryan Hall and recently retires UFC Lightweight veteran Kurt "Batman" Pellegrino. The Bloody Elbow Grappling Team previews this fight and makes their picks.

Money at the Heart of the ADCC Bravo vs Gracie Rematch Problems

Bloody Elbow's Grappling Editor KJ Gould takes a look at the continuing saga of the rematch that may still never happen highlighting different parties' side of the story.

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