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Mayhem Miller Talks UFC While Remaining in Strikeforce Limbo


Jason "Mayhem" Miller doesn't have any fights lined up but he's hopeful to be facing UFC competition soon.

Strikeforce's Lack of Depth, Imminent Departures Fuel Matchmaking Dilemma


Coker finds himself in a continued matchmaking dilemma. He can either create match-ups like that of the Nashville card that fill the demand from purists who want to see quality fights that provide...

MMA Nation Talks Strikeforce: Nashville, CBS, Mayhem Miller Brawl


Luke Thomas, host of MMA Nation on 106.7 The Fan, talks CBS Saturday Night Fights Strikeforce: Nashville results.

Gus Johnson calls Cage Potato editor Mike Russell, in response an email Russell sent to Scott...

Gus Johnson calls Cage Potato editor Mike Russell, in response an email Russell sent to Scott Coker, in which he questioned Johnson's MMA commentating abilities: "Scott Coker forwarded me your email. Where do you get off saying that to my boss? Writing it on your website is one thing, but you contacted my boss to ask him about it," a growingly more aggressive version of the man pictured above asserted. "Now it's personal and you need to be accountable." "Do you even train? If you’re as credible of a journalist as you say you are, you can’t take the opinions of people on the Internet to heart, without talking to somebody who knows what they’re talking about — me included. I take jiu-jitsu three times a week. I know the difference between a kimura, an armbar, a reverse armbar and an Americana from side control, because I study it," he asserted. "As far as people saying that I damaged the image of the sport because of what I said about the shit that went down Saturday night, if anything, it was me trying to make an excuse for these idiots going out on national television and pulling what they did after the card was over. It’s obvious that it happens. People don't need to hear it from me to know that it happens. We've all seen it. I state the obvious, and that’s obvious." I take a lot of criticism, but I try my best to try to help promote this fucking sport, when nobody else, including television executives could give two shits because they think it’s barbaric and it’s filled with a bunch of hoodlums, which is exactly how it looked to everyone watching the show Saturday night. I don’t really care about the 'growing opinion', because there’s another side that isn’t going to feel that way [about me]," Johnson explained. "There are certain messageboards and websites where people don’t feel that way at all. The problem with MMA is that these Internet guys ruin the sport because they’re negative 90 percent of the time. I’ve looked at them. if we give everyone a voice, we wouldn’t get anything accomplished. I try to say as many good things about these athletes in this sport on a network level — not on an underground level or a Spike TV cable level or a pay-per-view level. This is actual television and nobody knows if they’re going to pull the plug on this thing. If that happens, then everyone will lose money." "My job isn't to promote the sport. I’m paid to give my opinion and to describe what I see and it’s my opinion that the guys they had Jake fight were supposed to beat him. That's how I see it. I said it, so I believe it. That’s disrespect. Do you mean to tell me that Strikeforce didn’t bring a former Pride champion [like] Dan Henderson in to beat Jake Shields? Come on, man. I'm also not blaming Miller for what happened," he said. "Mayhem didn’t do anything that Shane Mosely hasn’t done, or other fighters who aren’t a part of the main event of the card who get in the cage or the ring to hype a future fight haven't done hundreds of times before. Floyd Mayweather wins a fight and Shane Mosley comes into the ring as soon as it’s over and asks when you gonna give me a fight, man? It always happens. That’s not a big deal. The reaction from Gilbert and Jake and all these guys was what was the big deal. It was improper, and to be honest, it was shameful." HT: CagePotato Strikeforce: Nashville coverage

Will Japan Ever Produce a Consensus Number One Champion?


One of the conclusions that fans have come to realize after Gilbert Melendez's domination of creative submission artist Shinya Aoki on Saturday evening during Strikeforce's Nashville event is that...

Strikeforce: Nashville Post-Fight Analysis: Expect Jake Shields to Head to UFC


Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal's stock rose substantially on Saturday night with his unanimous decision victory over now-former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Gegard Mousasi. Lawal's wrestling...


Instant Reaction: 7 Thoughts on Strikeforce Nashville

1) Strikeforce is toast on CBS. Ratings have been declining and there's no way CBS was happy with the post-fight brawl.  2) Did you guys know what Mousasi is really awesome at upkicks? I mean,...

Strikeforce Nashville Preview: Dan Henderson, Jake Shields Clash in Highly-Anticipated Showdown


In the main event on Saturday night at Strikeforce: Nashville, former PRIDE middleweight and welterweight champion Dan Henderson (25-7) will make his debut with Strikeforce against current...

Strikeforce Nashville Preview: Are Fans Underestimating "King Mo" Lawal Against Gegard Mousasi?


The second championship bout taking place on Saturday's Strikeforce Nashville main card will feature a light heavyweight championship title fight between current Strikeforce light heavyweight...

Strikeforce Nashville Preview: Proud Shinya Aoki Battles Gilbert Melendez in Lightweight Title Showdown


DREAM lightweight champion and Japan's premier mixed martial arts talent Shinya Aoki (23-4, 1 NC) will battle Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert "El Nino" Melendez in Melendez's first defense...

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