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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Facts

Several facts and details about TRT, and it's relation to MMA as written by BE community member, Decado.


3 Lessons from Floyd Landis' Testosterone Abuse

This fanpost was promoted to the front page by Tim Burke. Early one Pacific Time Zone morning in 2006 I flipped on stage 17 of that year's Tour de France.  My horse, the gutsy American Floyd Landis...


Does Brock Lesnar have a competetive advantage because he hunts deer?

via farm3.static.flickr.com Some atheletes use horses and now some are using deer. When will it end? They harvest the so-called velvet antler (a soft coating that covers deer antlers) in New...


According to UFC President Dana White, Chael Sonnen Should Be Cut and Lose All Bonuses for UFC 117

(reposted in full from WatchKalibRun) As most of you are aware, Chael Sonnen failed his UFC 117 drug test with an elevated amount of testosterone and an abnormal ratio. Sonnen's mouth and...


Collateral Damage: The Fallout From UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen's PED Test Failure

Reposted in full from WatchKalibRun Right off the top, I can tell you that if you're looking for a condemnation of Chael Sonnen for cheating and using PEDs, you're not in the right place. This...


The Steroid Conspiracy and Shane Carwin, an excerpt

There is no denying that Shane Carwin received illegally obtained steroids from APS and Infinite Health from a period of January 2006-August 2006. This has been shown in various documents seized...


RoidGate 2010: Shane Carwin still silent on steroid connection; media as well

  On Friday, a story broke on AL.com that, according to evidence and documents, UFC Fighter Shane Carwin was a recipient of several steroids for a period of several months that encapsulated several...


Chael Sonnen: Shane Carwin gave himself lactic acidosis

(reposted in full from the great WatchKalibRun) UFC Middleweight fighter Chael Sonnen, never one to hold his tongue on any issue, recently spoke out to MMA Fight Club Mag about the recent news...


Breaking Down Shane Carwin's Excuse Before He Even Goes Public; Is His Credibility Shot Regardless?

As I'm sure most of you have heard by now Shane Carwin has been publicly tied to a steroid case.  On Friday court documents showed Carwin was sent steroids from a group called Applied Pharmacy...


UFC's Shane Carwin Tied to Steroid Case

J. Michael Bennett, who was supervising pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services, was the first to be sentenced from a group of 5 men found guilty after a five-week trial earlier this year. His...

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