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Titan FC owner institutes finish bonuses


New Titan FC owner, Jeff Aronson, talks about how Titan differs from Bellator, not competing with the UFC and revolutionizing fight bonuses and fighter contracts.

Dana White Gives TUF Brazil & India Updates, Almost Kicked Stephan Bonnar Off Show


Dana White said Stephan Bonnar was almost kicked off the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, a move that would have changed the course of UFC history forever.

UFC 139 Results: The Resurgence Of Stephan Bonnar


Stephan Bonnar did something at UFC 139 that he hasn't done in over five years: win his third consecutive fight.

MMA Live Highlights and Analysis From WEC 53: Henderson vs. Pettis


MMA Live looks back at WEC 53, including the highlight-reel, off-the-cage kick turned in by Anthony Pettis. The nominees for MMA Live's Year-End Awards are also revealed.

TUF 12 Finale Preview: Igor Pokrajac Talks Stephan Bonnar


Igor Pokrajac Talks Stephan Bonnar - december 4th in the main event at UFN. Igor is a man of few words before he fights and did not want any of his training footage included in this interview....

TUF 12: The Aftermath - Personal


TUF 12: The Aftermath - Personal - Quarterfinalists McKenzie, Brookins and Nam Phan talk weight classes, attitudes and their fights with Stephan Bonnar. Oh, and Street Fighter

TUF 12 Finale Preview: Stephan Bonnar Talks Igor Pokrajac


Stephan Bonnar talks about training for his upcoming TUF 12 Finale fight against Igor Pokrajac and his thoughts on Kos' chances in the GSP title fight.

TUF 12: The Aftermath - Love to Hate


Kyle Watson sits down with Stephan Bonnar and Team Koscheck's jiu jitsu coach Dan Camarillo to talk fights, fear, Mike Tyson and the evil genius of John Danaher in TUF 12: The Aftermath - Love to Hate

Snapshot of the Day: The Ultimate Fighter 12 (TUF 12) Finale Poster


Check out the TUF 12 Finale fight card and poster for the Dec. 4th UFC Spike TV event

Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac Set for The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale


The season finale of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 12 looks to have its first match-up on paper as former Spike TV reality show contestant and fan favorite Stephan Bonnar will lock horns with Croatian...

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