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UFC heading to Singapore

After officially announcing plans for TUF: China, Mark Fischer has also stated that the UFC will be heading to Singapore early 2014.

Where the Wealthy Industrialists Are


There are now 18, 000 people with US$100 million or more in disposable assets in Southeast Asia, China and Japan, according to Knight Frank’s estimates – more than North America, which has 17, 000, and Western Europe with 14, 000. Still, these ultra-high net worth individuals are not completely confident that their large masses of wealth will be completely unaffected by turbulence in the world economy and changing political situations, according to surveys conducted by Knight Frank. In Singapore, the wealthy are most afraid of the impact of the global financial crisis on their wealth, but those in Hong Kong are more worried about the devaluation of currency and those in India are most worried about domestic inflation. With its high density of Louis Vuitton boutiques, luxury nightclubs and multi-million dollar property, Singapore is also growing in importance as a city for the world’s high net worth individuals. Surveys asking über-wealthy individuals to rank cities in terms of "economic activity, political power, quality of life, knowledge and influence" found that Singapore was the fifth most important city for the world’s wealthiest individuals. Here, the city-state was beaten by London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris, indicating that the world’s most global cities continue to lure the rich. According to Knight Frank, even respondents in Asia-Pacific put London and New York ahead of Hong Kong and Singapore – an indication that economic growth may not be the most important factor when a high-net worth individual chooses his city of residence.

The Reds come to town!


Greetings, readers! First of all, apologies all round for disappearing and props to Ed for holding this place up. Thanks to CSD for hauling his arse back here. We missed you. Now that the sappy...

Say It Ain't So, Alonso


When one of your favorite and most important players is continually linked with another club, all you want them to do is come out and pledge their allegiance to the team and supporters. ...

More Anfield Banter: Andriy Voronin, Djibril Cisse, Sammi Hyypia, & Harry Kewell


* Ukrainian striker Andriy Voronin officially joined the club today and quickly made himself heard. The adept finisher said he was 'in awe' of Anfield and also that he had joined LFC to be a...

Harry Kewell scores for the Socceroos


And sets up another goal as Australia beats Singapore 3-0 in their warm up for the Asian Cup. Here are the video highlights. Singapore 0-3 Australia Well, I guess video is still not working, so...

Video: Shinya Aoki's training camp in Singapore as he prepares for his rematch against Eddie...

Video: Shinya Aoki's training camp in Singapore as he prepares for his rematch against Eddie Alvarez this weekend at Bellator 66.

The Lonely Longhorn Travel Guide: Singapore


My temporary home of Singapore is the first country to be explored in the Lonely Longhorn series. It is an island, a city, and a country all in one. If shown this undersized country’s outline on...

College Football: A Perspective from Asia


Come on, now. Did you really think there would be such a thing as a college football perspective from Asia?!? Ha!!! As a Longhorn living the expat life in Singapore, I can confirm that Asia is...

Upstart Singapore Promotion One FC Aiming to Conquer Asia


Since the demise of Pride FC in 2007, Asian MMA has struggled to regain even a fraction of its former significance. Japan tried and failed to rebuild with DREAM and Sengoku. South Korea has seen...

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