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Bloody Basics! How to Scissor Takedown Sambo style

In this special edition of Bloody Basics, Sambo wizzard Reilly Bodycomb gives a detailed instruction on the Scissor takedown & Inverted Heelhook as famously seen in the Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan...

A quick history of Sambo in MMA


Kid Nate looks back at the origins of the Russian fighting style Sambo and the pioneers who introduced it into modern mixed martial arts in the 1990s.

Matwork! 2012 Judo Team Champs, Sambo Worlds


All kinds of combat sports results, videos and odd notions from the last few weeks. Judo, sambo, Brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling all show how busy the combat sports world is beyond the dozens and...


Texas Open Freestyle Sambo & Catch Wrestling Tournament August 18th In Austin

Austin Sports Center, this Saturday Eclectic Combat Systems & Rubicon Fightsport are pleased to announce the 2012 Texas Freestyle Sambo & Catch Wrestling Open Championships to be held on August...

Matwork! Issue #1 11/23/11


Matwork! Grappling news from around the world. Quick hits and awesome links.

DVD Review: 'Sambo & Catch Wrestling Seminar' with Stephen Koepfer and Kris Iatskevich


Ahead of the Fedor Emelianenko vs Jeff Monson fight Sunday morning, KJ Gould reviews a 3 DVD seminar on Catch Wrestling and Sambo filmed in 2010 and finds out there's more to grappling than...


Bloody Elbow Grappling Coverage: Phase One

Bloody Elbow looks to spearhead a new grappling section and wants you, the Bloody Elbow reader, to be a part of the process.

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Before MMA


Rare footage of UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones in a submission grappling match just months before making his professional MMA debut. Video and commentary of the match at Bloody Elbow.

Quote of the Day: Fedor Emelianenko: "Sambo Is Great, Jiu Jitsu Is Nothing Special"


Fedor Emelianenko believes that sambo is still superior to Brazilian jiu jitsu, despite his submission loss to Fabricio Werdum.

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