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Amateur Hour podcast on Reid Friday

His Dirkness and Ryan Hall talking all things Andy Reid and the Chiefs. We dabble into the last remains of Scott Pioli, coaches who might follow Reid to KC, what this means for the Draft, and how it affects players already on the roster. This is Amateur Hour.

Is the 50/50 guard the new thing in MMA?

Grappling ace Ryan Hall is preparing for his MMA career and talks to Luke Thomas about the impact of the 50/50 guard on leg locks in MMA.

Technique Talk: Can the 50/50 succeed in MMA?

Can an esoteric leg entanglement that's growing in the sport of jiu-jitsu and beginning to rear its head in MMA be a viable position to win in a fight? Ryan Hall - ADCC bronze medalist, black belt and master of the 50/50 - weighs in on its future.

Mat 0: The Story of How the Olympics Passed Jiu-Jitsu By

From July to August of 2012, one question permeated the mixed martial arts community nearly above all others: should and if so, when will MMA become an Olympic sport? The logic goes something like...

How to Watch ADCC World Submission Fighting Championship 2011

Find out how to watch the world's most prestigious nogi submission grappling tournament the ADCCs this weekend, Online and in High Definition.

ADCC 2011 Submission Grappling Championship Preview

Ben Thapa previews this weekend's ADCC 2011 Submission Grappling tournament taking place in Nottingham, England, the biggest event in nogi submission grappling competition.

ADCC 2011 Interview: Ryan Hall On Jiu-Jitsu Vs. MMA, Marcelo Garcia, Josh Barnett And More

MMA Nation's Luke Thomas interviews Ryan Hall. Topics discussed include grapplers making the transition to MMA, Marcelo Garcia, Roger Gracie and Josh Barnett.

ADCC 2011 Interview: Ryan Hall Talks The Two Biggest Mistakes Of His Grappling Career

In part three of our interview series on MMA Nation with jiu-jitsu black belt and 2009 bronze medalist at ADCC, Ryan Hall talks about the two most important decisions of his career that brought him to this point. He also talks about the most important lesson he's learned from his mistakes.

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