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New Jon Jones interview: Rashad brags about laying on me; when I get on top, people bleed

Link to my video interview with Jon Jones for Bleacher Report, Jones addressed many topics, including a detailed breakdown of how meditating by water helped him whup Lyoto Machida, the possibility of teammates spying for Rashad, the chapter devoted to Rashad in his book of moves, Rashad’s top game, and if he'd consider challenging Junior dos Santos for the heavyweight title should Jones emerge from the his title-defense unscathed. a few quotes: Does Rashad have spies in camp? I'm not worried about spies, even though spies have been a part of combat history since the beginning history. I'm not worried about it. I have so many moves, and I'm so versatile in my attacks. He could have a list of 12 moves that I do. He doesn't know which one I'm going to do when. He doesn't have impeccable and impregnable timing and defense, so I'm not to worried about it. When I first got here I was like 'coach, should I trust everyone? What should I do?' And Coach was like 'hey, these guys are better than that.' On top game and striking: [Rashad] thinks that him holding me down in practice means a lot. It doesn't. Holding me down kills nothing but the clock. His top game, I'm not afraid of it. He doesn't go for submissions, really. When I get on top of someone, you see blood within the first few seconds. Instantly. He gets on top of people, you know, people get back to their feet and they start fighting again. I'm not worried about his top game. ...We've never been so prepared, more sharp. Especially in the kickboxing department. We have so many combinations that we think are going to land. Before every fight, Jones has a ritual of finding some running water. There's something about the sound of water that calms me, that relaxes me. I feel at peace, just watching that stream, watching the power of water, thinking about Bruce Lee and how water crashes, thinking about how Bruce Lee says water can flow, thinking about how water is limitless. So I watch the water before the fight and I get empowered by water. So, going in between rounds, a lot of fighters start to panic. Coach, what am I gonna do? Man I'm tired. I only have one minute to recover. I gotta go back out there. Oh man. Give me the magic words. Tell me the what I gotta do to win. I find myself getting flooded with these thoughts in between rounds. So what I try to do is close my eyes, and I focus on the water. I focus on the the sound of the water. I focus on the heart rate that I had when I was looking at the water earlier in the day. And I focus on the beauty and the fresh air. In between all of these beautiful thoughts, I find myself recovered. I'm like, wow. My blood pressure just went down. My heart rate just went back down. And I'm simplifying where I'm at, and now I'm actually able to focus my thoughts on what my coaches are telling me. And they're telling me...advice. For example in my last fight, going into round two, first thing I did I breathed and focused in. They said 'Jon, Lyoto's trying to hit you every time you throw a kick, so fake a kick and throw a nine or a blue.' I heard my coaches clear as day. Instantly totally understood what I had to do. And about two minutes into that second round I found that shot, the exact shot that my coach asked me to take. And it led to the fight being ended. So, that's why I look for water."

In First Fight Since Leaving Greg Jackson's, Questions Abound for Rashad Evans

When Rashad Evans stood on the floor of the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey in March and declared himself "done" with longtime trainer Greg Jackson, it was difficult to tell how seriously we were supposed to take that.

Evans-Ortiz 2 Confirmed

UFC Website confirms Evans vs Ortiz 2

Shogun says Rampage Ducked Him, Jones was Second Option

With Rashad Evans injured, Jon Jones earned a shot at the light heavyweight title against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, but the young talented fighter wasn’t UFC’s first option to replace Evans. According to the champion to TATAME TV, Rampage was offered the shot. "The UFC thought in other alternatives, but it didn’t worked out. For some reason he (Jackson) didn’t accepted it", Shogun said, talking about his upcoming fight against Jon Jones. "I’ll have to change my training because he’s a lot different from Rashad, much taller, and it’ll be a great challenge. He’s been surprising everybody in the UFC, defeated everybody with ease, and it’ll be a tough fight for me", he stated.

Rashad Evans speaks to underprivileged kids in Las Vegas

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans understands as well as anyone that kids don't always get to grow up under the best of circumstances...

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