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Luke & Nate solve all the UFC's problems

Luke Thomas returns for a very special MMA Tete-A-Tete in which he and Kid Nate break down the UFC's incredibly ambitious agenda for world conquest and the problems in their path, plus lots of free...

UFC fighting for the fans' PPV dollars


With two major boxing pay-per-views and an old rival coming to PPV, the UFC has upped its promotional game with a World Tour to sell its fall line up of PPVs.


Preview: Evan Tanner doc to air on PPV 12/28

A new documentary about the late Evan Tanner, former UFC Middleweight champion, will air on pay-per-view on December 28. This video playlists compiles all of the available promotional footage that...

Jones vs. Belfort does over 450K PPV buys


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort sold an estimated 450-460,000 PPV buys. The event featured Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort in a Light Heavyweight title fight.

New data suggests combat sports interest is rising


UFC numbers are down across the board in 2012, but new data from key demographics such as young males and females of all ages suggest the interest in the UFC (and MMA in general) is rising, the gap...


New Light Shed On Closed Circuit UFC Broadcasts at Bars

The Minnesota Star Tribune delves into the lawsuits and penalties surrounding closed circuit prize fights (UFC, boxing) in bars and restaurants.

Jon Jones Emerges As A Star With 700,000 PPV Buys For UFC 145


UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones is emerging as one of the sport's biggest PPV draws after pulling 700,000 buys for UFC 145.

Boxing's Bob Arum Says Fox Deal May Not Be Helping UFC Pay Per View Numbers


Bob Arum, the promoter behind boxing's Manny Pacquiao, talks about the UFC's move to Fox TV in this audio interview.

UFC 145 PPV Gets Sixth Fight With Miguel Torres Vs. Michael McDonald


April's UFC 145 will now be a six-fight pay-per-view with Michael McDonald vs. Miguel Torres now part of the proceedings.

Report: UFC 144 Does An Estimated 375K Buys


Early reports indicate that UFC 144 from Japan sold 375,000 pay-per-view buys, a very strong performance.

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