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UFC 171: The Prognostication Postscript


Johny Hendricks became the new UFC Welterweight champion after defeating Robbie Lawler in a five round decision. Who is next for him in a world with Georges St-Pierre?

UFN 37: Pickett vs. Seery Prognostication


Flyweights Brad Pickett and Neil Seery collide for UFC Fight Night 37 in a bout that will provide all kinds of crimson tinted sparks.

Drug Issues Taint Strikeforce Legacy Post-Zuffa Purchase


The consistency of Strikeforce's top current and former stars getting busted for drug issues is marring their post-Zuffa purchase legacy, says Bloody Elbow's Josh Nason.

UFC On Fuel TV Results: Carlos Condit Shouldn't Wait For Georges St. Pierre


UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit can either wait to fight Georges St. Pierre or defend his title this summer. Josh Nason says the choice is obvious: fight now.

UFC On Fuel: With Nick Diaz Out, Jake Ellenberger Leads Welterweight Contender Pack


With Nick Diaz out, someone has to step to the front of the UFC welterweight pack. That man is Jake Ellenberger.

October 2011 MMA Recap: GSP Hurts Knee, Nick Diaz Beats Up B.J. Penn, Chael Sonnen Returns


GSP suffered a knee injury and Nick Diaz took advantage of his opportunity by beating up B.J. Penn -- all headlining a wild October 2011 in MMA.

September 2011 MMA Recap: Nick Diaz Booted From Title Match, UFC On Fox Main Event Announced


Nick Diaz was the main newsmaker in September 2011, getting pulled from a fight with Georges St. Pierre and put against B.J. Penn instead. Here's what else made news in September 2011.

April 2011 MMA Recap: UFC 129 Draws Big, Randy Couture Retires, Nick Diaz's Boxing Tease


55,000 fans at UFC 129, Nick Diaz and boxing and Randy Couture's retirement were the big stories in April 2011.

Nick Diaz Sparring With Andre Ward, "Will Do Just Fine" In Boxing Says Melendez


Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez trains under Cesar Gracie with top UFC contender Jake Shields and Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz. Diaz has been talking about doing some...

Nick Diaz vs. Fernando Vargas: Diaz Considers Boxing Future

Nick Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie tells “Inside MMA” that Diaz has signed a boxing contract to fight Fernando Vargas later this year. Nick’s next fight will definitely be in boxing.

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