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Edson Barboza loves American food

Edson Barboza talks about superheroes, leg kicks, Glory kickboxing, and his favorite foods on Phoenix Carnevale's video blog.

Kickboxing: Updates on Hari, Barry, Glory, more

Get the latest news from around the world of kickboxing, including the return of Badr Hari, more on Pat Barry's next fight, Glory fight announcements, the K-1 MAX Grand Prix, and more.

Striking Styles: Thai-style Muay Thai breakdown

Interested in the different striking styles found in MMA? Then join us for our series "Striking Styles". Here, part 1 of our 3 part series breaking down the different styles of Muay Thai, as we examine the true Thai style of this striking art.

My Muay Thai Training: How much movement?

In this installment of My Muay Thai Training, Fraser Coffeen looks at the value of movement. Some Muay Thai practitioners downplay movement when fighting. Is this a good thing?

My Muay Thai Training: What to do when you break

In this edition of My Muay Thai Training Diary, Bloody Elbow's Fraser Coffeen looks at what it means to be broken in a fight, and how you come back from it.

Show review: Muay Thai electricity in Chicago

Want a look back at the roots of combat sports? You can find it in your local fight scene. Check out the Bloody Elbow review of Chicago's local kickboxing and Muay Thai scene at Imperial Fighting Challenge.


Chicago kickboxing & Muay Thai show tonight

Come see the local scene in Chicago tonight at Imperial Fighting Challenge in Addison.

My Muay Thai Training: Implementing a strategy

In the latest Muay Thai Training diary, Fraser Coffeen steps up his training and tries to work on implementing a strategy while not getting punched in the face.

Gear review: Bad Boy head gear

Bloody Elbow presents this MMA gear review, focusing on the Bad Boy Face Saver Head Guard - a head gear that offers great protection, with a bit of a trade-off.

GSP training traditional Muay Thai before UFC 154

To prepare for UFC 154, Georges St. Pierre is working with Muay Thai instructors to tighten up his stand-up game. Check out footage of GSP training for Carlos Condit to see the results.

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