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ClumsyPoll: Equation: Coker + Bellator = ?

Cokes gets em done... ...or does he? I'm of the opinion that Scott Coker taking over as President of Bellator will be awesome. The problem Strikeforce had was money. It...


Poll: Best of MMA slams.

Well, hell. I don't know how I'm going to narrow it down, so I'll just be totally biased, and put my favorites. Clumsy Ninja's Corner goes into rasslin slams, and such. Rampage Jackson denied...


ClumsyPoll: Best combination strike

Welcome dear fans (of other people), as of right now Clumsy Ninja's Corner delves into combination striking. Hold yourselves in readiness. Pull up an internets and let's talk standup. There...


ClumsyPoll: Fedor's Most Impressive Win.

Welcome to a realm of pure EPIC. We look at Fedor Emelianenko - widely (and rightly) considered the greatest mma fighter of all time. Often the smaller fighter, he found a way versus many greats,...

Ringside docs issue statement on weight cutting


The Association of Ringside Physicians has issued a statement on weight cutting in MMA as well as guidelines that they would like to see put in place for future weight management.


TRT, PEDs, Crappy Training and some comparison to Rugby and Boxing.

As interesting as the discussions about TRT and steroids are there is a significantly wider issue not being addressed which I have mentioned in the comments a few times and flagged on forums. What...

The Hooks ft host Michelle Blanchard


The hooks is an upcoming MMA survival guide for those who train or are looking to get started. The show features a great lineup of guests like Eddie Bravo, Chris Leben, Tony Ferguson etc. Each episode shines the light on a gym and the fighters/coaches who teach there, with Madden-style technique breakdowns in 60 fps.

Premiering in late March - gives us a follow:



My Fifth Amateur MMA fight!!

This was my 5th amateur fight for my third belt and second one at 185. This is one of the biggest promotions in the DMV area (Dc, Maryland, VA) and this promotion has had a good amount of fighters...


My Third and Fourth Amateur MMA Fight!

My third MMA fight for the 205 title for the promotion I was fighting at. This was in September of last year, the guy had a good amount of fights and had some experience on me. I hope you guys...


My First and Second Amateur MMA Fights!

Going to have to use the Facebook link to watch my first MMA Fight. The video that is readily available is my second fight. I originally posted these to fan shots to get some feedback but I...

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