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MMA Beat Tackles 2012: Is Rousey MMA's Bo Jackson?

Ariel Helwani and crew is back with the latest 'MMA Beat', looking back at the year that was in MMA. Watch the 45-minute edition on Bloody Elbow now.

November 2011 MMA Recap: UFC On Fox Gets 8.8 Million Viewers, Forrest Griffin Controversy, Hendo Vs. Shogun Classic


8.8 million people watched the UFC on Fox main event, Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua put on a classic and Forrest Griffin erred on Twitter: all part of a busy November 2011 in MMA.

September 2011 MMA Recap: Nick Diaz Booted From Title Match, UFC On Fox Main Event Announced


Nick Diaz was the main newsmaker in September 2011, getting pulled from a fight with Georges St. Pierre and put against B.J. Penn instead. Here's what else made news in September 2011.

July 2011 MMA Recap: Tito Ortiz Lives, Alistair Overeem Cut, Hendo TKOs Fedor


Tito Ortiz returned to prominence, Hendo battled Fedor and Alistair Overeem was released from Zuffa as part of a busy July 2011.

June 2011 MMA Recap: UFC 131 Creates Contenders, Nate Marquardt And Joe Rogan Controversies


Junior dos Santos and Kenny Florian became UFC title contenders, while Joe Rogan and Nate Marquardt were controversial figures in June 2011.

May 2011 MMA Recap: Brock Lesnar's Diverticulitis Returns, Zuffa Covers Health Insurance


Brock Lesnar announced he was out indefinitely, Jon Jones decided against surgery and Zuffa announced a new health insurance plan -- all in May 2011.

April 2011 MMA Recap: UFC 129 Draws Big, Randy Couture Retires, Nick Diaz's Boxing Tease


55,000 fans at UFC 129, Nick Diaz and boxing and Randy Couture's retirement were the big stories in April 2011.

February 2011 MMA Recap: The Rise Of Jon Jones, Fedor Gets Crushed, Michael Bisping's Spitgate


Fedor's broken face, the ascent of a new UFC king and Spitgate all made headlines during February 2011.

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