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MMA promotions should boycott Wyoming for events

KJ Gould argues the dangerous indifference from the Wyoming athletic commission in light of their response to the handling of Junior Maranhao at RFA 14 demands action from all MMA promotions, in the form of boycotting the state to host future events.


South Dakota Legislator Calls MMA the "Child Porn of Sports" before UFC's historic night

Republican South Dakota Legislator and Pastor Steve Hickey commented in a recent post on his blog and in a videotaped Legislative Coffee House meeting on Saturday that MMA is the Child Porn of...

Court agreement could mean legal UFC in NY

A few days after Wednesday's surprise ruling that professional mixed martial arts events can be legally run in New York state - outside the purview of the state athletic commission - Luke Thomas has an in-depth explanation of the legal loophole allow

Inside New York's underground fight scene

With MMA banned in the state, former UFC champ Frankie Edgar got his start fighting in New York's Underground Combat League. Jim Genia of VICE looks at the man behind the UCL.

New York MMA: Think Locally, Not Globally

Stephen Koepfer of 'The Coalition to Legalize Mixed Martial Arts in New York' writes a guest editorial on the current state of MMA's ban in New York, and suggests the UFC's and Zuffa's past actions in the fight may have been detrimental to legalization thus far, and urges a collaboration with the grass roots efforts. Exclusive to Bloody Elbow.

In New York MMA Is Illegal But Viewing Child Pornography Online Is Not

Thanks to a ruling from a New York court, it's not illegal to view child porn on your computer but mixed martial arts is still banned.

Dana White Closes Door On Tim Sylvia, Blames Gangsters For NY MMA Ban

UFC president Dana White pulls no punches when discussing the possible return of ex-champ Tim Sylvia or why MMA is still banned in New York.

Proposed MMA Rules Threaten Small Promoters in West Virginia

Proposed rules for MMA in West Virginia threaten small promoters.

New York MMA Bill Is Dead

The bill to regulate MMA arts in New York state appears to be dead after stalling in the Ways & Means Committee.

UFC Making Push for MMA Regulation in New York

UFC president Dana White placed an op-ed in the New York Daily News pushing for passage of MMA regulation in New York.

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