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The Martial Chronicles Returns: An Idol vs A Fraud

Cageside Features Guest Columnist John S. Nash, brings us another feature edition of his fascinating series chronicling the origins of MMA. This time he explores a long expressed desire of fans of mixed martial arts to see an elite level heavyweight

MMA Origins: One Year Recap

Just over a year ago I started writing the MMA Origins series, so for some holiday reading here is a little summary of what this series has covered during its first year.

MMA Origins: Bas Rutten Reigns in Pancrase

In this installment of MMA Origins, T.P. Grant looks at the evolution of fighters in the mid-90's and the first fighters to find success by using a variety of skill sets, focusing on Bas Rutten's title run in the Japanese Pancrase promotion.

MMA Origins: The First King of Pancrase

MMA Origins: The First King of Pancrase, The story of how Ken Shmarock became a legend


Karate Striking: The Kyokushin Approach. Part 1

Promoted from the FanPosts by Nate Wilcox. Welcome, one and all, to a series dedicated of everyone's favorite full-contact Karate style, Kyokushin. Throughout the ensuing articles , I will try to...

MMA Origins: The Gracie Era in the UFC

Enjoy some MMA history for Easter! Take a look at the dominance of Royce Gracie, his toughest fights in the UFC and the only ninja to win a UFC Championship.

MMA Origins: UFC 1

In a ploy to create more awareness of Jiu Jitsu, Rorion Gracie creates the Ultimate Fighting Championship, intended to be a infomercial of jiu jitsu. Inadvertently he and his fellow promoters spark an American interest in MMA that is still growing.

MMA Origins: The Gracie Challenge

A look at the arrival of the Gracies and MMA to the United States in the 1980's

MMA Origins: Brazilian Warfare

A new generation of Gracies come of age in the middle of a full blown war between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Luta Livre

MMA Origins: Birth of Japanese MMA

With the lead up to UFC 144 in Japan, it seems only natural to look at the spark that lead to the MMA explosion on the Japanese isles.

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