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Middleweight Scouting Report: #1 - Papy Abedi

Finishing off our 2011 World MMA Middleweight Scouting Report, Kongo-born fighter Papy Abedi (8-0) chimes in with the top spot with an impressive background in Judo, overwhelming strength and power, and brutalizing slams and ground and pound.

Middleweight Scouting Report: #2 - Chris Weidman

After teammate Costa Philippou claimed the #6 spot on our list, the appearance of Chris Weidman (4-0) high atop the rankings was a foregone conclusion. Astute Scouting Report fans have repeatedly sung his praises in the comments section, and for good reason.

Middleweight Scouting Report: #3 - Vitor Vianna

While our #5 ranked prospect Bruno Santos has some major upside due to his age and ability to take down opponents at will, his technique and finishing ability doesn't attract a lot of attention. Our #3 ranked prospect, Vitor Vianna (10-1-1), should fill that void, and while he is 30 years of age -- he is Brazil's brightest hope of continued dominance in the UFC's middleweight division.

MW Scouting Report: #4 - Vyacheslav Vasilevsky

At #4 on our 2011 World MMA Middleweight Scouting Report, a better hope for the future may fall in the hands of Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (11-1).

Middleweight Scouting Report: #5 - Bruno Santos

Brazil won't be as dominant in the middleweight prospect rankings as it has been in other weight classes we've featured, but the country has produced two top notch grapplers in the 185 pound division that could be making their way to the UFC in 2011. The first of those prospects in our 2011 World MMA Middleweight scouting report is Bruno Santos (8-0)

MW Scouting Report: #6 - Constantinos Philippou

Next on our list, at #6, is Team Serra-Longo product Costantinos Philippou (6-1). Like Victor O'Donnell and Jordan Smith, he was also one of the defeated during the elimination round on The Ultimate Fighter 11. His opponent, Jon "Leonidas" Henle, wasn't favored to win, but he proved that anything can happen as he caught Philippou with an armbar in the second round.

Middleweight Scouting Report: #7 - Jordan Smith

We've already featured one of those fighters on our list in Victor O'Donnell, and ranked at #7 on our list was one of the show's more promising prospects, Jordan Smith (15-1-1). The twenty-six year old's knockout loss to Brad Tavares was shocking when we consider Smith's experience versus Tavares' novice standing in the sport, but Smith may be on track to return to the UFC in 2011.

Middleweight Scouting Report: #8 - Uriah Hall

Athleticism is a term that's normally used to describe fighters who are superior in speed, strength, and power. Super athletes like Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones are two fighters that come to mind, but we rarely hear about future fighters who might embody what it means to be a superior athlete. At #8 on our list, Uriah Hall (4-1)...

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