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Did takedowns cost Machida the Davis decision?


An in-depth analytic look at the scoring of UFC 163's Phil Davis vs. Lyoto Machida. In this guest post, Paul Gift uses Fight Metric's stats to measure the role takedowns played in the scoring of...

Henderson vs Thomson: Who did most to finish?


KJ Gould attempts to use his own simplified judging criteria to score Benson Henderson vs Josh Thomson. Will it end the controversy, or generate more? Read on to find out the results.

No requirement for judges to be tested regularly


Examining the systemic problems with judging in MMA, with Nick Lembo and Rob Hinds.

Miller says bad judging is distorting the sport


The UFC Featherweight says that fighters are changing their style in an attempt to please judges who "don't understand MMA."

Dallas Winston is Sandy Panties


In this edition of Journo to Journo, Dallas Winston is under the microscope. We get some background on how he came to Bloody Elbow, some judging talk and a closer look on a personal level of our...

Ratner's judging statement doesn't go far enough


Marc Ratner of the UFC responded to the judging issues at UFC on FUEL TV 7 by saying that they'll 'do some stuff internally.' Fans and media should not be willing to let the UFC off so easy when...

UFC 147 And UFC On FX Bouts Highlight Need For Better Utilization Of The 10 Point Must System


UFC 147 and UFC on FX showed the need to score more 10-10 and 10-8 rounds.


Guida vs. Maynard and The Case for 10-10 Rounds

This is not a FanPost designed to argue why Maynard or Guida deserved to win last night's main event. Neither is it an attempt to chastise Guida for not engaging enough or Maynard for not cutting...

UFC On Fox 3: Did Having UFC Veteran Ricardo Almeida Judging Improve Things?


UFC veteran Ricardo Almeida was the only judge to score UFC on Fox 3's Johny Hendricks vs Josh Koscheck for Koscheck.

UFC 136 Results: Frankie Edgar Saved Us From Controversy


Douglas Crosby was the only judge to award Gray Maynard a 10-8 first round against Frankie Edgar at UFC 136.

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