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Not for the Ages: 10 Worst Zuffa-Era UFC Signings


Another installment of 'Not for the Ages' where obscure history, bizarre bouts, and the just plain inexplicable meet to explain broader themes in the sport of mixed martial arts. This time, the top...

This Day in MMA: Hendo/Shogun, Fitch fired


A look at the many MMA events that have happened on November 19th in years past.

Watch complete Frank Shamrock documentary


Spike TV's "Bound By Blood" documentary tells the story of Frank Shamrock's MMA career and his hard personal struggles with family.

Gods of War: Gokor Chivichyan


One of the finest grapplers to come out the Caucasus, Gokor Chivichyan grew up in the grappling obsessed former Soviet nation of Armenia to become possibly the most complete grappler in the world.

Classic MMA Documentary: Rickson Gracie in Choke


Before "Fightville" and "Smashing Machine", Rickson Gracie and two other fighters taught the world about no-holds-barred fighting in one of the earliest, if not first, MMA documentaries.

The history of BJ Penn VS Caol Uno


BJ Penn and Caol Uno met twice in the UFC (and almost a third time) before those two historic matches in the octagon, ending first with a highlight reel KO, and followed by a five-round war for the...

From WWE to MMA: Brock Lesnar's MMA Debut


Before he became a UFC heavyweight champion, Brock had to make his first steps in the MMA world after a tumultous time in the WWE and failed attempt to join the NFL.

Martial Chronicle: 1913: women's lib & jiu jitsu


As the UFC counts down to its first ever women's fight, a century before women were literally fighting in the streets of London for their rights.

UFC on FX 7: 5 fights to watch first


UFC on FX 7 should tell MMA fans a lot about the state of the MW division and beyond. History may prove prophetic for some fighters, and here are the 5 fights that explain how.

Dan Severn talks about 20 years of MMA


MMA Fighting's Dave Meltzer spoke to UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn after the legendary athlete's retirement at age 54.

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