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UFN - Abu Dhabi Results: Winners and Losers

Patrick Wyman takes a look at the real winners and losers from yesterday's Fight Night card in Abu Dhabi.

On Hector Lombard and playing it safe

Patrick Wyman argues in favor of Hector Lombard's conservative strategy against Jake Shields at UFC 171.


Why That Was the Same Silva as Always: A Technical Perspective

The point of this post is to dispel the myth that Silva wasn't taking the fight with Weidman seriously, or did nothing but clown. I'm going to first use the highlight video below to point out some...

Alistair Overeem and Discipline in Striking

Even the best strikers in the world can be knocked out when they behave foolishly. We take a look at how Overeem threw away the fight.

Vitor Belfort: A Brawler Not a Boxer

Vitor Belfort is often credited as being an example of high level MMA boxing but lacks a great many of the fundamental skills which a good technical boxer or striker should use consistently.

Michael Bisping's Problematic Chin

Michael Bisping's ability to take a punch is the talk of the media before every Bisping fight. Today we look at the defensive flaws which leave Bisping's chin so exposed in his bouts.

Edson Barboza: Style Over Substance?

Today we take a look at the surprisingly simplistic striking of Edson Barboza ahead of UFC on FX 7.

Randy Couture: Boxing into the Clinch

The clinch has always been an important position - but many wrestlers still struggle to get to the clinch on their own terms without being hit. Today we look at drawing an opponent into the clinch with examples from Randy Couture and Floyd Mayweather

UFC 155 - Cain Velasquez: Easy to Hit

Cain Velasquez's heavy hands and hard kicks have led to the belief that he is an elite heavyweight striker. Today we look at just how often Cain gets caught.

Jack Slack's TUF 16 Finale Breakdown

As another series of a reality show most avoid watching limped over the finish line we were treated to a surprisingly exciting and heavy breathing free couple of heavyweight bouts. Jack Slack breaks down the knockouts.

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