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ClumsyPoll: Mike Kogan. Why'd he say that?

MMA manager Mike Kogan doesn't like fighter complaints about pay it seems. At the very least he didn't like Jose Aldo's comments. Besides the obvious idiocy of a white guy calling someone a...

UFC champ Jose Aldo called 'n***a' by Mike Kogan


MMA manager Mike Kogan wasn't pleased with UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo's comments over wanting better pay, so he called him the n-word.

Sanchez invites Diaz to Mexico, Nate's camp laughs


Following Diego Sanchez's post-fight call out of his fighter, manager Mike Kogan says Sanchez doesn't merit a response.

Kogan talks Diaz: 'We’re just kinda all in limbo'


Mike Kogan spoke up about recent negotiations between Nate Diaz and the UFC and the basic message seemed to be, there aren't any.


Eugene talks to MMA agent Mike Kogan + gloating

An on-location interview with sports agent extraordinaire MIKE KOGAN and his up close and personal take [as his sometimes adviser] on Big Country's win over Big Nog.


King Mo's manager fires back at BE, Eugene on 164

KNUCKLE UP host EUGENE S. ROBINSON in Round #454 sings a song of sixpence in uncovering the enduring mysteries behind BEN HENDERSON's loss, WARMASTER's win, the return of BIG BEN, why MIKE KOGAN...

Nelson's manager feeling good about UFC talks


Despite Dana White's well-documented animosity towards Heavyweight Roy Nelson, manager Mike Kogan thinks his fighter is in good shape to re-sign with the UFC.


Daily: Roy Nelson kung fu, Tommy Toehold, T. Swift

Kid Nate and Zombie Prophet present a round up of the best MMA and UFC videos on YouTube. Today's list features: UFC 160 previews, Tommy Toehold on Vitor, Roy Nelson kung fu, Gray Maynard, Melvin...


Agent Mike Kogan says Eddie Alvarez played himself

Knuckle Up episode 487 featuring host Eugene S. Robinson and guest sports agent Mike Kogan who talks Bellator, UFC, Strikeforce, CBS-Showtime, Royce Gracie and more.

Strikeforce's Muhammed 'King Mo' Lawal Says Over The Counter Supplement Caused Steroid Test Failure


Strikeforce light heavyweight Muhammad Lawal aka King Mo told Ariel Helwani that he purchased an over the counter supplement called S-Mass Lean Gainer before testing positive for steroids after a...

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