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Free Fight: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping


To relive everyone's favorite right hand and to pump you up for UFC 139, the UFC is letting us watch Michael "The Count" Bisping get obliterated in real time.

Bisping Made to Wait as Sonnen Hearing is Delayed


Chael Sonnen's absence from the Octagon will continue after his hearing for a money laundering case was postponed on Monday. Sonnen must now wait until April 8 to have his case heard, so his contract with the UFC will remain frozen for the foreseeable future. The middleweight fighter has pleaded guilty to the charge, which relates to mortgage fraud. The government has recommended two years' probation rather than a prison sentence, with Sonnen also giving up his Realtor's license in addition to paying a $10,000 fine. Public information officer Gerri Badden offered no reason for the postponement of the hearing, only commenting that delays were "quite common", according to MMA Fighting. Sonnen has been linked to a fight with Michael Bisping later this year.

Michael Bisping: Who Set up the 'I Hate Michael Bisping' Fan Club


I touched on this subject a little bit last week, but today I'd like to fully explore who set up the 'I Hate Michael Bisping' fan club and why. It seems that whenever I fight anywhere but in England, I'm watched by thousands of fans praying I get my butt kicked in the most humiliating fashion possible. For starters, I'd just like reassure everybody that the reaction of the crowd never affects the way I prepare for a fight or the way I fight. For all those fans that may be attempting to unsettle or fluster me by shouting abuse, give your voice box a rest because it won't work. I can guarantee you that. I'm great at blanking it all out and just focusing on the task at hand. You can't get caught up emotionally in things like that, otherwise you'll just go crazy and your head will be a mess of mixed signals and negative thoughts. Actually, the only time the crowd affects me is when I fight at home in England. When I fight in England, I know the place is going to go absolutely nuts when I enter the octagon. So, in that instance, the crowd affects me in a good way. I get a buzz off the energy of the crowd and raise my game to the next level. When I fight in the US or Australia and get heavily booed, it's a different kind of atmosphere, but I love it all the same. Obviously I'd prefer it if everybody liked and respected me, but I also realise that won't always be the case. You've got to take your lumps in this sport, both inside and outside the octagon. I know that not everybody will like me or want me to win. I don't mind being booed and having to play the bad guy. To be honest, I quite like the idea of proving the majority wrong and sticking it to them with a big victory. I don't laud it up or show off around my hometown and I don't cause trouble anywhere. I don't crash Ferraris, cause fights in nightclubs, throw money around like Floyd Mayweather, I don't attend all the UFC events and the after-parties and make big demands. I've had three Fights of the Nights so I'm giving the fans entertainment and am not boring in the octagon. **Article link from Gals Guide to MMA

CompuStrike UFC 120 Stats


Early CompuStrike numbers are out. Bisping outlanded Akiyama 116-65 in total strikes and 81-21 in power strikes.

Bisping vs. Wanderlei at 185 for UFC 105? (UPDATED)


MMAJunkie reports that (and it has been mentioned on BE before) Michael Bisping will battle Wanderlei Silva at UFC 105 in Manchester, England. The report says that the bout could be officially announced as soon as next week. It would be Silva's middleweight debut if this comes to fruition. Silva's manager denies that this fight is happening but we'll have to wait and see. Dan Hardy is rumored to be a part of this card as well. UFC 105 is currently scheduled to air on Spike TV on a same-day tape delay. UPDATE: Watch Kalib Run has this story as well. UPDATE II: And again, this time with Silva's manager denying this report. UPDATE III: Yahoo Sports has picked up on MMAJunkie's report.

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