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Herschel Walker Lends His Considerable Credibility to an MMA Fighter's Union

Herschel Walker supports a fighters union for MMA.

USAT/SBN August 2010 MMA Consensus Rankings: Middleweight

Traditionally, one of the least storied in MMA, the middleweight division has enjoyed one of the biggest and best months of its existence. And yet, the impact on the rankings was miniscule.

Bloody Elbow Exclusive: Team Quest Leader Matt Lindland Responds to Ed Herman's MMA Junkie Diatribe

"Short Fuse" Ed Herman is leaving Team Quest and he's not sparing any words for his teammates on his way out the door. Total MMA author Jonathan Snowden talks to Team Quest founder Matt Lindland about Herman's harsh comments as he departs Oregon.

EA Sports MMA - Light Heavyweight Fighters Announced

Each week there will be a new EA SPORTS MMA weight class announced. Check back here weekly for the new class - Light Heavyweight Class

Exclusive Ring Psychology Interview: Matt Lindland on Chael Sonnen, Strikeforce, and the Ugly Side of MMA

Total MMA author Jonathan Snowden and Headkick Legend founder Dave Walsh talked with MMA legend Matt Lindland and prospect Dave Jansen in the second edition of the Ring Psychology podcast.

Ed Soares and Dave Meltzer on Chael Sonnen's "Quick Tap" Against Anderson Silva at UFC 117

Several people at cage side saw Chael Sonnen attempt to deny he had tapped out to Anderson Silva.

Opinion: Did Chael Sonnen Quit, Cheat, or Choke Against Anderson Silva? It Don't Matter, He's Still the Hero of UFC 117

Chael Sonnen talked his way into a big fight and did everything to win except enough.

USAT/SBN July 2010 MMA Consensus Rankings: Middleweight

Cross your fingers fight fans, #2 Chael Sonnen has made a lot of promises about his title shot against #1 Anderson Silva at UFC 117, with the most important one being that he's got the skill set to force Silva to fight rather than goof around in the cage.

MMA Legend: Murilo Bustamante

Bloody Elbow looks at the legendary career of Murilo Bustamante.

Chael Sonnen Promotes for Two: Professional Wrestling Style Antics Liven Up UFC 117 Coverage

Chael Sonnen is on the war path again, this time attacking UFC 117 opponent Anderson Silva with an open letter to the fans. This isn't the first time fans have seen a Team Quest fighter in a brutal war of words.

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