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Ken Shamrock Tests Positive for Steroids

Ken Shamrock, the UFC Hall of Famer who is still trying to make a go of it in mixed martial arts at age 45, reportedly tested positive for three different anabolic steroids after his fight on...

Bobby Lashley on Leaving WWE for MMA: 'I Want to Be a Champion'

Twelve years ago, Bobby Lashley was one of the most impressive college wrestlers in the country. Two years ago, he was one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the country. But now he has...

Jason Guida Replaces Ken Shamrock vs. Bobby Lashley at March Badness

The steroid suspension of Ken Shamrock forced the promoters of the upcoming "March Badness" boxing/MMA event to find a new opponent for the former pro wrestler Bobby Lashley. That opponent, it has...

Roy Nelson on Jeff Monson Fight: 'You'll Want to Watch Every Second'

Roy Nelson is an MMA fighter with a 13-3 record, but to look at him, you'd never believe he was a professional athlete. So as I interviewed Nelson about his preparation for his upcoming fight with J...

Bobby Lashley Open to Fighting Ken Shamrock in Japan

Although Ken Shamrock's steroid suspension has put a halt to his planned fight with Bobby Lashley, the fight might not be off for good: Lashley told me on Friday that he thinks there's a chance...

MMA and Boxing Can Coexist Peacefully, Roy Jones Jr. Says

Boxing and mixed martial arts are often portrayed as bitter rivals, as in the above debate between UFC announcer Joe Rogan and boxing promoter Lou DiBella. But the boxer Roy Jones Jr., who decided...

March Badness Still Advertising Ken Shamrock (Subject to Change)

Above is a picture I just took off my own TV, showing a commercial for Saturday night's March Badness pay-per-view show. The only problem is that Ken Shamrock has been suspended after testing...

March Badness MMA Weigh-In Results: Bobby Lashley 251.5, Jason Guida 232

Update: Get Live March Badness ResultsThe results of the March Badness weigh-in are in, and the big former pro wrestler Bobby Lashley will have a 20-pound size advantage over his opponent, Jason...

March Badness MMA and Boxing Results: Roy Jones' Fight Show

March Badness, the combined boxing and mixed martial arts show promoted by Roy Jones Jr., is underway. The pay-per-view broadcast has now started, and we'll provide you with live results and...

March Badness: Din Thomas Wins, Tells Rihanna He'll Whoop Chris Brown

Mixed martial artist Din Thomas knocked someone out on Saturday night in Pensacola, Florida. And after he KO'd Gabe Lemley in the ring at March Badness, he offered to knock out someone else: Chris...

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