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Civil suit in TLI rape case

Nicholas Schultz and Matthew Maldonado are now to be the defendants in a civil suit filed by the alleged survivor of the rape case that rocked Team Lloyd Irvin last year.

Maldonado/Schultz not guilty on some charges

The jury returned multiple not guilty verdicts in the rape trials of Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz, but second degree sex abuse charges remain for both men.

Deliberation continues in NYE rape case

The jury will start their third day of deliberations in the rape case of Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz at 9:30 am Friday.

New motion to dismiss in MMA Millionaires lawsuit

Nakapan Phungephorn became the latest defendant in the MMA Millionaires lawsuit to file a motion to dismiss, claiming that Florida's long-arm statute does not apply.

Motion to dismiss filed in MMA Millionaires suit

Justin Garcia and Jungle Gym file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against them brought by Marcus Avellan. Avellan claimed that Garcia and others defamed him as well as his business interests, including his position in Lloyd Irvin's MMA Millionaires.

Irvin associate sues for defaming MMA Millionaires

Marcos Avellan, the man who runs the Platinum Level of Lloyd Irvin's MMA Millionaires program, has filed a lawsuit against Justin Garcia, Nakapan Phungephorn, Brandon Nunley and their businesses.

Lloyd Irvin hit with $1,000,000+ tax lien Monday

Lloyd Irvin's rocky year of 2013 continues with a judgement for the United States of America in the amount of a $1,021,440.68 tax lien on June 17.

Lloyd Irvin to sue Mike Fowler

Controversial BJJ instructor Lloyd Irvin has informed Bloody Elbow that he intends to sue former student Mike Fowler.

Irvin again purchases 'rape themed' URLs

After Lloyd Irvin previously apologized for purchasing LloydIrvinRape.com, calling the move "in poor taste," similar websites were purchased again last month and, again, are now marketing sites for Irvin's gym and endeavors.

TLI star DJ Jackson charged with sex crime in 2008

DJ Jackson, a top student at Team Lloyd Irvin, and one of the few to stay following the recent allegations, was charged with sexual abuse in the third degree in 2008. This story becomes public only days before Jackson is to compete in the Pan Ams.

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