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Big 10 Presidents' Statements For Dummies


Basically it translates to, "Don't you dare touch our friggin' money!!" But we go into a little more detail.

'85 Bears involved in new lawsuit against the NFL


A year after settling the concussion lawsuit that ex-players brought against the NFL, there's a new lawsuit for their lawyers to contend with.

UFC successfully sued stream viewer for $12,000


In 2013 the UFC sued at least one person for watching illegal streams of their pay-per-views, receiving almost $12,000 from one man who viewed 2 PPVs

Chivas USA sued by former Academy coaches


Chivas USA are being hit with a major lawsuit by former Academy coaches Teddy Chronopoulos and Dan Calichman. The pair allege they were fired from their jobs earlier this year on illegal grounds of...

Lawsuits over Hockey? What am I Rooting for?


Part of me wants to see a result of the recent NHL lawsuit and the follow-on NHLPA decertification more than I want to see hockey this season. This sucks.

Giants and Jets suing to stop the structure formerly known as Xanadu


The joint owners of MetLife point to a proposal agreement requiring them to approve any expansion to the Meadowlands... thoughts?

CagePotato Retracts Offending Quote, Dana White Tweets Issue 'Not Even Close' To Being 'Cool'


MMA web site CagePotato has retracted a putatively satiric caption that the UFC and Dana White took great offense to but the UFC president does not appear to be mollified.


More Coliseum trouble, asbestos concerns and a possible lawsuit against Nassau

NBC News report on Nassau Coliseum asbestos and possible lawsuit by workers against county.

Monta Ellis Lawsuit: Plaintiff's Attorney Joins 95.7 The GAME To Discuss Allegations


The plaintiff's attorney in the Monta Ellis sexual harassment case went on 95.7 The Game Wednesday afternoon to discuss allegations.

Lawyer: MMA Ban in New York Violates First Amendement


Ariel Helwani interviewed Barry Friedman, one of the lawyers working for Zuffa and the plaintiffs on the lawsuit against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. seeking a declaration that the mixed martial arts ban in New York State violates the First Amendment. Here, he gives a lot of information about why the complaint was filed and what to expect going forward.

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