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Previewing the return of Gunnar Nelson at UFN 37


The 25 year old Icelandic prospect Gunnar Nelson, takes on the Sambo trained Omari Akhmedov in what will prove to be one of the better fights on the main card for UFN: Gustafsson vs. Manuwa. Will a...


Eugene on TRT, the genius of Joe Silva, more

In this installment of Knuckle Up, host Eugene S. Robinson nut jumps on Joe Silva's great skills, the TRT boondoggle, the IOC idiocy and Randy and how he gave and he gave without taking, but we...

Rampage Jackson Says He's One-And-Done With The UFC


Former UFC LHW champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson claims that after he fulfills the last fight on his UFC contract that he'll be leaving the promotion.

UFC's Dana White Says Dan Henderson Has Earned The Right To Pick And Choose His Fights


Dan Henderson has elected to not fight again before he gets a title shot. UFC president Dana White is just fine with that.

Dana White: Frankie Edgar Deserves A Rematch But I Want Him To Move Down And Fight Aldo


UFC president Dana White is making no bones about his preference for Frankie Edgar's next fight.

Dan Henderson Denies That He Declined UFC Offer Of Lyoto Machida


Former Strikeforce champ Dan Henderson is frustrated that he's not getting a UFC bout and denies that he turned down a bout with Lyoto Machida.

The MMA Tete-A-Tete: Predicting UFC 143 Buy Rates And Fight Outcomes


Luke Thomas and Kid Nate discuss the promotion and marketing of UFC 143 in this video chat.


5 MMA Myths I'd like to see exposed

  (5) That MMA fans are dying to see Pacquaio/Mayweather.  Boxing fans would love to see this, but does anyone else really care?? In MMA today, there are so many far more deserving storylines:...


Dana White's Burial of Nick Diaz Both Brilliant, Frightening

[Image via allelbows/Ether Lin @ Flickr] A while ago, I asked if Nick Diaz (and by extension, the Team Gracie "Scrap Pack") had outwitted Dana White by flirting with a highly publicized move to...

Rampage vs Hamill: A Rare UFC Matchmaking Misfire


UFC Matchmaker Joe Silva is the best in the business. For years, he's guided the UFC flawlessly - but he's missed the mark with the Quinton "Rampage" Jackson versus Matt Hamill bout at UFC 130. The...

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