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Hendricks' Coach: 'He's better than they realize'


BE's Connor Ruebusch interviews Steven Wright, the striking coach of newly crowned welterweight champion Johny Hendricks. Steven talks about his own martial arts background, the training he's done...

Zach Makovsky 'I study Lyoto Machida a lot'


BE's Connor Ruebusch brings you an episode of his podcast Heavy Hands, and a technique-focused interview with UFC flyweight and former Bellator bantamweight champ Zach Makovsky.

A Few Words with David Epstein


A discussion with Sports Illustrated's David Epstein, his new book 'The Sports Gene', and everything from Malcolm Gladwell, to the COMT gene, to explaining the rash of injuries in MMA.

Daniel Ghita was Romanian president's bodyguard


Daniel Ghita's trainer, Anil Dubar, discusses Ghita's upcoming spot in Glory's NYE tourney, the crumbling of K-1, and using British heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury, in Daniel's training camp.

Is Elaina Maxwell's Kickboxing Debut A Sign Of Trouble Ahead For Women's MMA?


Elaina Maxwell is a fringe top 10 fighter in the sport of mixed martial arts. Is her presence on a kickboxing card a sign of bad things to come for a sport on the edge?

Video - Dana White Interview at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley


Dana White at the Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley event. talks Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben

The TapouT Crew Remember Charles "Mask" Lewis


Punkass and SkySkrape remember their fallen friend Charles "Mask" Lewis. The TapouT story in their own words as told to Bloody Elbow's Jonathan Snowden.

Ring Psychology Exclusive: UFC Star Jim Miller on Jiu Jitsu, a Fight That Made Him Shake in His Shoes, and the Enormous Gleison Tibau


Ring Psychology is back with UFC star Jim Miller. Miller, who fights Gleison Tibau at UFC's Ultimate Fight Night 22 on SPIKE TV Wednesday, talks to Jonathan Snowden about his opponent Gleison Tibau...

Ring Psychology Exclusive: Rich Clementi on Tag Team MMA, His Feud With Melvin Guillard, and How Bellator can Compete With the New Orleans Saints


Veteran fighter Rich Clementi sits down with Jonathan Snowden in a new episode of Ring Psychology. Clementi talks about tag team MMA, why he hated Melvin Guillard, and why the UFC cut him too soon....

Ring Psychology Exclusive: Maximum Fighting Championship Owner Mark Pavelich on Dana White, Georges St. Pierre and His Partnership With HDNet


Maximum Fighting Championship owner Mark Pavelich says he's the second best interview in the sport. Jonathan Snowden puts him to the test with a wide ranging discussion covering topics from UFC...

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