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Biogenesis and the Future of MLB Drug Policy

With A-Rod finally tapping out and accepting Bud Selig's brand of justice, the Biogenesis scandal has reached its merciful conclusion. How will this episode affect the future of PEDs in the game?

What happens when you go on a juice diet?

Two of the biggest cogs in the Padres offense are entering 2014 as variables. How will they perform in the shadow of baseball's biggest scandal?

Biogenesis - The Elephant in the Room

Almost a year has passed and 13 players have been suspended, but Major League Baseball has managed to keep much of the story out of the public eye. Fans won't see a cleaned-up MLB until they understand why it's dirty in the first place.

NHL delays PED testing

The NHL has shown some commitment towards testing for the Human Growth Hormone, but it will wait at least another season to test for it. Is the NHL skating around the issue?

Dick Butkus demands the NFL to start HGH testing

Chicago Bears Hall Of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus calls it "inexcusable" that the NFL doesn't have HGH testing in place for this season.

Key Panthers players support HGH testing

Cam and Olsen are all for it. Smitty seems to have a few health concerns but otherwise supports it.

INSERT NAME HERE has damaged the game of baseball

Baseball may never recover from the latest PED scandal, whatever it may be, says A Very Important Sportswriter

Bruno Sammartino a shill for WWE's Wellness Policy

Once an outspoken critic of drug abuse within WWE, Bruno Sammartino has now become a broken old record about how virtuous their Talent Wellness Program is, playing the lone heroic voice that singlehandedly helped to clean up the wrestling business.

Texas vs. Arizona State, Game 2

Yes, that's ASU great Barry Bonds pre-HGH watermelon head. 180 pounds, stealing 35 bags, with a size 7.5 hat. Our hitters could use a little of what he had. Yesterday's hitting performance by the...

Alex Rodriguez, The All-Time Greatest Home Run Hitters, And The Death of Statistics

I've soured on Major League Baseball over the years and Alex Rodriguez hitting his 600th home run - at 35, the youngest player in major league baseball to achieve this feat - gave me cause to...

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