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UFC 155 Preview: Todd Duffee vs. Phil De Fries

Todd Duffee returns to the UFC after a two year absence against the submission expert Phil De Fries.

The MMA World Cup: The Heavyweights Elimination Round


The MMA World Cup - deciding which country has the best athletes in all of MMA. Your votes will decide things, so please join us in the comments and make your case.

Peter might be key piece to heavyweight unification


The Klitschlos and Peter could solve the heavyweight mess we've had since Lennox Lewis retired.

Couture's 2007 return changed course of UFC heavyweight division


Randy Couture's return to MMA in 2007 changed the course of the UFC heavyweight division and helped make it what it is today.

The Big Nothing! In Search of Another Victim for Vitali Klitschko

By Carlos Acevedo of The Cruelest Sport. (Welcome to another edition of The Big Nothing!, news from the heavyweight wasteland.) Now that David Haye has mysteriously gone mum on the subject of the Klitschko brothers, it looks like Vitali Klitschko will have to look elsewhere for his next victim, err, opponent. A glance at the WBC ratings (mock the sanctioning bodies all you want, but until Klitschko vacates his "title," he will be facing fighters the WBC approves of) reveals a motley crew of challengers and non-challengers who might be next on the hit list. Because Klitschko can fight a trapeze artist and still draw 50,000 fans in Germany, he can pick and choose opponents at this point. But he would still like to be more than just a Youtube clip to American fans, so this edition of "The Big Nothing!" focuses on the fights and fighters HBO or Showtime might actually agree to broadcast. Read the rest here...

Bellator is jumping into the Heavyweight pool


Bjorn Rebney Confirms Heavyweight Tournament for Season 3

FightLines: UFC Heavyweights


FightLines for the UFC's heavyweight division as of January 2010.

Frank Mir Breaks Down Upcoming Title Bout With Brock Lesnar


Frank Mir talks rematch with Brock Lesnar.

Gabriel Gonzaga's Road to the Title Goes Through Shane Carwin at UFC 96


Gabriel Gonzaga to take on Shane Carwin at UFC 96 in hopes of earning a title shot.

FightLines: Heavyweights Vol. III


FightLines for Heavyweights vol. III. November.

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