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More on is CTE even diagnosable?

The Sports Skeptic is back to answer your questions and respond to your comments about his first piece on CTE and whether or not it's even a diasgnosable disease.

WWE to hard sell Triple H's concussion angle

The Triple H concussion angle started on the May 20th episode of Raw is scheduled to be a long term storyline where his wife, father-in-law and perhaps even his kids plead for him to retire due to all the damage his brain has already taken.

Weight cutting & head trauma threaten MMA

How safe is MMA? Recent articles point out the serious risks to fighters from head trauma and improper weight cutting.

How the UFC can learn from the NFL on concussions

The NFL was willing to address the issue of concussions in several features before the Super Bowl yesterday, including an interview with President Barack Obama. What cues should Dana White and the UFC take from Roger Goodell and Co.?

The Last Of McGuinness - a bittersweet documentary

The mystery behind Nigel McGuinness' rescinded WWE contract and sudden departure from TNA TV in Sept. 2010, has now been revealed by the man himself in his fascinating documentary "The Last Of McGuinness". How did the rumours match up to the reality?

ACTV Episode 3: Head Trauma & Mental Health

ACTV Episode 3: Head Trauma & Mental Health. We can care for the body, but what about the mind-before it's too late

Crossface - The Chris Benoit movie WWE definitely doesn't want produced!

It was inevitable: a film company has decided to make a movie on the Chris Benoit double murder suicide tragedy. If that wasn't enough for Vince McMahon to fall into one of his notoriously foul moods upon hearing the news, then their plans to adapt Matthew Randazzo V's infamous book "Ring Of Hell", which painted a highly unflattering picture of life behind the scenes at WWE, will surely do so.

Jeff Hardy's unprotected chair shot to the head proves that TNA never learns

TNA management just never learns, do they? Yes, I'm talking about Jeff Hardy's unprotected chair shot to the head delivered by TNA minority owner Jeff Jarrett towards the end of their match at the aforementioned Turning Point PPV. Why are TNA management recklessly endangering one of their highest paid stars with a needless stunt like that?

Will Mick Foley have one more match at WWE WrestleMania 28?

Will Mick Foley have one more match at WrestleMania 28? Dave Meltzer broke the news in his subscriber only August 8th Observer Newsletter that Mick Foley is in negotiations for his likeness to be used in THQ's next WWE videogame, WWE '12, and that both sides are open to the idea of Foley having a major match at WrestleMania 28 next year.

What would the government make of Nate Marquardt's TRT excuse?

Yesterday, we at Cageside Seats had stories on testosterone replacement therapy and concussions, so a story that combines the two subjects today is quite fitting. The link between the two topics is that there has been some research published which suggests that traumatic brain injuries can lead to hypogonadism. Nate Marquardt has latched on to this research and has used it as an explanation for his testosterone deficiency.

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